Woodturning - The Weeping Willow

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Woodturning - The Weeping Willow 4.5
In this video I take a piece of Willow and certainly make it weep ..you can probably tell by the video that I made it up as I went along .. I found the grain a bit bland and there was a knot I wasn't keen on , so I did a bit of texturing using a saburr tooth bit and some colouring (if you call black a colour) not sure if I like it but I suppose you need to try theses things .. Thanks for watching

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*2am, trying to fall asleep*

YouTube - "you wanna see some wood spin?"

me - why not"

Author — Tomzu


When you make a mistake while woodturning: *Sh*t, there's no turning back now*

Author — Xander


Everything was going perfect until you started making those awful holes

Author — Abdul Manan


19k dislikes for what because someone is truly talented

Author — Ankles_YWC


Man not only can this guy turn wood but his beatboxing skills are off the charts! 6:34

Author — MillerTime East


we both know you didn’t search for this video

Author — Chibuzo MBANEFO


3:14 the oddly satisfying was starting

Author — Emmanuel guillermo


Unusual - and offers to me lots of inspiration as I have a lovely new Dremel gathering dust!
Andy do you often turn wood that way round.... if side of the timber into the head stock instead of the End
I have turned timber that way especially Monkey Puzzle And left a sticky mess every where in the workshop) but not on any other timber

Author — Stephen Hughes


Let’s be honest we’ve all played the app before

Author — Jex


I was about to watch another vid that looked good but I saw this and said “nope gotta be satisfied”

Author — Awesome Luke


When you sprayed on the black I thought, "Oh no, he's ruined it!". But at the end I got it, especially considering it was just something you made up as you went along.

Author — Kristi C


Tree falls in my yard...
Me: cusses and fusses saying we got to chop it and make a burn pile
You: decorates my entire home with one fallen tree! 😂💗💗💗💗💗

Author — Tammie Pope


1:06 sounds like putting you're fingernails to the running fan

Author — Stefen Fuqua


то самое чувство когда руки из нужного места растут

Author — Енот полосатый


Omg this is just

Jk it’s so satisfying ( ̄▽ ̄)

Author — Itz Sushi Kat


My heart sank when u started spraying that black paint

Author — Nicholas Rudloff


I'm not sure what I find more amazing, your lathe skills or your filming, cutting and editing skills. As I said both are amazing. And this all done freehand. WOW

Author — M.J Porte


Make another bowl just like this but cast it in silicone and make a mold of the vase and fill the holes with maybe some golden honey looking resin

Author — Joel Mami


Next time, use a hair clipper to "shave" the wood

Author — Adewumi Emmanuel


I think the wood looked perfect the way he found it. I liked the moss on it. Oh well

Author — Aaron Rios