Question & Answer Period w/ Jay-Z at Brooklyn Museum

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Question & Answer Period w/ Jay-Z at Brooklyn Museum 4.5
Renee Jennings, CEO of R. Media Group asks Jay-Z a question, along with a few other selected fans at the Brooklyn Museum taping of Charlie Rose in November 2010.

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People love to throw the Illuminati card because it makes them feel better about not being successful and sitting here watching videos about successful people.  They sit in dark lil rooms thinking ' I would be important too if I was in Illuminati" How about you work harder, master a craft and then you can be successful too...then all of your former internet fans can say you're in the "secret society" also.

Author — MrBdiddy77


RIP people with headphones...the beginning was tough for me as well

Author — KingBfan


If you want to save your ears, ffwd to 1:17. Youre Welcome.

Author — GR8119


He carries Hip-Hop on his back too!!!  He's The King of Rap hands down!!!  There are better lyricists, but his consistency and business skills elevates him above the rest. 

Author — FYoOpinion


who doesn't like this? The guy is brilliant and an inspiration to all.

Author — Mike Lowry


I wonder if Bey ever wore the glasses. 

Author — Jai Amor


All dat illuminati shit aside, If he is genuine in this interview JAYZ earned a lot of respect from me after this !

Author — Breezy B


Dude might be president of the nation one day

Author — Protect from Evil beings


Not his biggest fan, but he speaks the truth, Tupac had more passion then skill

Author — ETYWTV


7:01 why is big pun interviewing jay z?

Author — Keyser Soeze


1:20 seconds of annoying continuous beep sound save your ears and skip

Author — clee vage


Awesome. Would love the dream cypher tho to be:

1. Jay-Z
2. Melle Mel
3. Rakim
4. Krs-One
5. Tupac.

Author — John Galt Dough


i believe you jay z ur too good my bro.... keep it up

Author — Festo Mishita


Damn I really wanted to hear his answer to the last question….:(

Author — skpkdncart


Jay-z is very intelligent and has a wicked sense of humor. I enjoy listening to him speak. He articulates his opinion and thoughts in the best possible way. This man is a true inspiration to everyone. God Bless all.

Author — Linda Lieber


Him and Beyoncé just bailed out all the civil rights prisoners in bm ore and furgerson

Author — toptenadidas Mitch


I can listen to him speak and spread his wisdom all day . There's something about the way he words things and caries himself that really impresses me . Everyone loves to say that he's the lucky one for marrying Beyoncé, well I feel like they both are winners at the end of the day as far as gain .

Author — Joy Mechell


That almost 2minute intro was horrible

Author — trae pearson


I thought jay z was ugly until i started to listen to his music and watch his interviews and now i think hes very attractive

Author — kamonoP


3 ppl didnt wait for the 1:45 mark to hit to actually watch the interview

Author — Josiah Wyrembelski