Did Jesus Found the Catholic Church?

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There are literally hundreds of denominations of Christians out there, all claiming to teach on the authority of Christ. It's absolutely ridiculous. So how does the Catholic Church think that what it is doing is any different? Simple: Apostolic Succession.





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Father dropping facts. My historian heart loves the use of sources.

Author — Felicity Moran


Hello, Father. I must comment this. I have found God again. His presence was suddenly thrust into my life. And I have no doubt that through your channel God has finally reached me, ignorant as I am to Him. Thank you, for all you do.

Author — Isaiah Gonzales


The Sacrament of Reconciliation literally saves lives and me breathing is the proof, I am so grateful to God for handing down the authority to priests to absolve sins in the name of Christ! And for inspiring you to make this video, Fr Casey! Thank you ⚘

Author — Maria Lip-ka


I’m not a catholic, but I agree with everything that was said in this video. At the heart of the matter, our love for Christ unities us all, more than the issues that divide us. Perhaps these turbulent times will bring us all closer together.

Author — Kali 808


I am so glad that this pandemic made me learn about the catholic faith and stopped wondering in protestant churches as if I didn't have a father and a mother. I am so in love with God and I am getting to know our Lady.
We should pray for our church to protect good priests

Author — Dark Angel


So blessed to be found by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, words can’t describe it ! From Islam to Protestant to the one holy apostolic Catholic faith/Church. JMJ

Author — Soroush Fetkovich


Oh Fr Casey it's good to have you back, this is the revelation that I got and it has led me to join the Catholic church so thank you for yet another confirmation that I have followed the leading of the lord in the right direction

Author — Isabell Fox


Both the oldest churches, the Orthodox Church, and the Catholic Church, believes in Marian devotion, praying to saints, real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, Apostolic succession(ik SOME Protestant denominations too believe in Apostolic succession), etc..
So it's just ridiculous to say that Catholic and Orthodox churches aren't Christian.
I hate it when so many people teach that these stuffs are unbiblical

Author — Mathew Jose


I'm a catholic from India, love to hear you and continue to make videos like this, may God bless you.

Author — Aashik Tirkey


I had goosebumps watching this video! Thanks Father Casey! 🕊️

Author — Melanie Acapulco


Hello, Father Casey. I'm starting RCIA today, thank you so much for making these videos. I stumbled across one of your videos 2 years ago and your videos are what first got me interested in Catholicism.

Author — Rangoon


As an Anglican priest, I admire and love so much of your work. You are eloquent and convincing where we agree, and you are eloquent and compassionate where we do not. Obviously I do think my Anglican colleagues and I are indeed in the same line. Our first bishops were Catholic bishops, and most never thought of themselves as *not* Catholic.

Even traditions that do not necessarily theologically place much weight on historical succession are more in it that one may think. Given how pastors are often ordained by other pastors and Baptist pastors were often originally Puritan ones who were originally Anglican ones, they too are in line. We may all be heretics--a separate discussion--but we are connected all to Jesus.

That is something I find so frustrating and so holy about Christian diversity. All these people who think like me, and all these people who don't, we all look to Jesus as our saviour. And for me that is the proof that he established his church. But also that his church is bigger than any one institution, Father Casey's or mine.

I appreciate your compassion and love for us Protestants. I would say most of us, not all of us, don't think our reforms are *not* from within. Sorry for the double negatives, but that is my point. I am Protestant because I protest things I think worth protesting, but I no more "left" than any honest political protestor has left their country when they speak out or refuse to obey what they consider to be injust authority.

Author — Jean-Daniel Ó Donnncada


Very Charitable to Protestants, reformed, and other groups, Yet none of the truth was curtailed. Well said Father.

Author — Papal Legate Poopé


Petition: So I want Father Casey to do a clog on him walk the Camino and show how he did it and how meaningful it was.

Author — Marcus Tullius Cicero


My wife is an avid genealogist and has found that almost all of the genealogical records disappear around 1600 to 1500 too.

Author — William Lund


This was fascinating and I love the lineage of bishops you shared! In genealogy we find the same thing: Everyone living today has a surprisingly small number of common ancestors. The bloodlines of most people in the past ultimately died out.

Author — Solea


I'm so grateful for these videos coming from a big Irish family i was always in church but often tuned out, there is always that undercurrent though thats undeniable

Author — Vicky Barrett


As a protestant... this was thought provoking. I yearn for the day the family can reunite.

Author — Jafed Pimentel


your choices of video impress me. always.
I am shocked that there is no better records available to you.

Author — Cal Delorey


What an interesting question! Love to hear more. Church history is fascinating. - Fr. Lance

Author — Get Ordained