China: West Meets East at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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China: West Meets East at The Metropolitan Museum of Art 5
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is home to the finest collection of Chinese masterpieces of any museum outside of China. Produced for Public Television by Great Museums TV.

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the reason of wearing gloves is to prevent the sweat may damage the fragile antique material for the future generations may still can enjoy.

Author — Ho Chang


A visit is now on my bucket list.
Thank you for the video.

Author — Mr. Louis


they didn't even wear gloves and mask... i don't think they were extremely careful in terms of handling the ancient artwork... 

Author — Tim Hortons


@ThatsSoNessiesShow I was unable to make the event but will definitely keep it on my must-see-one-day list. Thank you for your comment and for watching!

Author — Great Museums


very nice indeed
Regards from Israel :)

Author — JusticeVSpropaganda


Thanks for posting this video. I learned a lot of information I saved it and as soon as I can I am ordering the video.

Author — Jamie Hord


It's funny I am an artist and I don't know if I would get to see and experience all that creative wonder, and only time will tell if any of my work will make it there in many future generations, it is truly sad how much they pay for it yet being an artist in this generation it has been such an incredible struggle, for paints for space, for time, yet people who know nothing about the real artist presume to talk about the artists motive and why.😍😣🙁😲😨😢😱😧, well done on keeping it for this generation and future generations🤗

Author — Anon Anonymous


Excellent production and informative show. Big Thumbs up!

Author — ST&NLY ST&NLY


Pottery originally was the craft/art of women....internationally. Touching those precious scrolls without gloves is a travesty. Why does the 'expert' do it. So bad.

Author — xyzllii