iOS 13 running on iPhone Xs Max - New Features (same on iPhone 11 Pro)

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iOS 13 running on iPhone Xs Max - New Features (same on iPhone 11 Pro) 4.5
iOS 13 will be released on September 19th.

In this video, we will look at a the new features of iOS 13 running on an iPhone Xs Max. These same features will also be present on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

iOS 13 brings a bunch of cool features to the iPhone Xs Max including the Dark Mode, new and updated apps, enhanced memoji's and such.

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💬 Comments on the video

Calculator in iPhone have that dark mode long back ... it is not new ...

Author — Murali Krishna Hasanadka


Every single iPhone user will now be on dark mode.

Author — kutaswdupe


The calculator has always had a black background lol

Author — Kevon McNeil


May want to check that 80, 000+ mails.

Author — Shenandoah亦安


Hoping Apple can keep the Dark Mode in Calculator but change the buttons down the side to blue 👍

Author — ThorleyTech


What about performance in comparison with iOS 12.4.1?

Author — Yang Guang


Why no talk about the QuickPath typing on the keyboard?

Author — verityz


I upgraded from iOS 12.4.1 to iOS 13 yesterday and it has been great

Author — Massoud Faquiryan


Good ole Apple, releasing a feature 5 years after it was released by someone else and then pretending like its revolutionary.

Author — Russell Shouse


Thank uuu. Love 💕 apple 🍎 iOS as always

Author — Bangla Bihar Odisha


People that don't use the slider to switch apps faster.. what are ya'll even doing.

Author — Phoenix Moore


I have the iPhone 10max I still haven’t gotten my update yet

Author — DE_ XRG


has anyone tested the dark mode battery test? does it save more than 10-15% of battery?

Author — iliquify


Made too many videos about the Note 10+ right? I caught that slip. 😂

Author — Hamza Haliru


What is good with ios is that Apple does updates longer and faster better than any android phone brand.

Author — Tvrtko Krželj


The didn't change anything except of that ugly camera lol

Author — Anwer Rk


same functionality but different way of doing the same thing..NO NEW FEATURES!!!expected more from Apple

Author — Ashneel Kumar


Oh wow well done Apple. Dark mode, video cutter and an Reminder App = Ios 13

Author — Ekremgj


will there be multi user support or will we be able to lock apps on iphone 11 ios 13?

Author — Findian Famz


Can’t wait till iOS 13 comes out on the 19

Author — Dragstar.j