President Jimmy Carter Is Still Praying For Donald Trump

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President Jimmy Carter Is Still Praying For Donald Trump 5

The 39th President of the United States and 'Faith' author Jimmy Carter tells Stephen he prays for Donald Trump. Whether those prayers are being answered is another question.

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93 years old and still has a better head on his shoulders than most people today.

Author — bakerXderek


The rest of the ex-presidents are hanging out with billionaires. Jimmy’s the only one who’s building houses for poor people

Author — Colton Crofts


Wow! President Carter turned 96 today! What a life!

Author — Chao Wang


UK: Queen Elizabeth
USA: Jimmy Carter

Author — Shayne Hiscock


Fun fact: Jimmy Carter is 2 years older than Queen Elizabeth.

Author — raviempolgante


At this point, Jimmy Carter is like America's Yoda.

Author — valar


As a conservative, I didn't like Jimmy Carter's presidency; but I must admit he is probably the most moral president we have ever had.

Author — Indonesian Potato


He was President at the wrong time. People don't realize that Nixon and Ford caused Carters' inflation crisis and Carter's policies actually rebooted the economy which Reagan is glorified for.

Author — HighburyAFCSoul


This man was simply president at a wrong time. Such a wholesome human being who cares more about people and doesn't brag about it.

Author — Aryan Persaud


the fact that his title on the book is "nobel peace prize winner" and not "former us president" says a lot about him. wonderful.

Author — neymeplay


Met him down in Atlanta, he caught me looking at him and he came over to me and introduced himself! Couldnt beleive it.

Author — John Lockman


I still can’t believe the 39th president is still alive. Crazy to think about

Author — Likehat


Stephen: “Is there any chance you’re running in 2020”
Jimmy: *smiles*

Author — Tasso Demo


Jimmy Carter was the most honest American's president . My teacher said, he was too nice.

Author — Vang Chong


He wasn’t the greatest president ever but what an unbelievable human

Author — biblical


Along with Keanu Reeves, Fred Rogers, Freddie Mercury, Bob Ross, and Mark Hamil, Jimmy Carter is untouchable. Even by trolls.

Author — Frank Tranks


He was president at the wrong time. Sadly Reagan got credit for many of the policies Carter established. What a kind and humble human being.

Author — Obsessivefanboy


His grandchildren are really lucky to have him, he seems like he'd be a kind and fun granddad

Author — V M


it’s gonna be a sad day when we lose Jimmy Carter. we need more good people like him in the world

Author — Alexander King Tickle


he's probably the most genuine and wholesome president we've ever had.

Author — arianna