Yamaha RD125 LC

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In the early 1980's the Yamaha RD125 LC was unleashed onto the UK learner market. Even though this bike was restricted to 12 bhp and 75 mph it could see just over 100 mph on the clock down a good hill.

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These are probably the best 125 of the 80’s made by any manufacturer. I had a red & white one in 1987 when I was 17, 2nd bike after a Suzuki ts125. The rd was a revelation. Absolutely amazing bike. Mine did 20 in first, 40 in second and 60 in third gear, then tailed off at about 80. But the acceleration was astounding for a 125. The tuning and the micron and the k & n filter all helped. Unfortunately I became a statistic and crashed it and wrecked it completely. The loss of that bike bothers me to this day. I had the time of my life on that bike Age 17 and I’ve always wanted another

Author — TheGreatest


awesome bike had my blue one in 1986 with KN filters jetted and a brand new micron on which did 105mph lol and i was only 16 :D

Author — Paul Sillifant