Rare And Mind Blowing Historical Photos

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Rare And Mind Blowing Historical Photos 4.5

Rare And Mind Blowing Historical Photos.

Enjoy some of the most iconic moments in human history. From the creation and delivery of the statue of liberty, to the most important image in the world war II and some heart touchy feeling images that surprise the big hearts of some of the soldiers that once lived, you will find something that will educate you, and show you a small part of our human history. Yes, some of these are weird, like an Italian woman checking out the fabric of an Irish man quilt, or baby races, Russian soldier kissing his daughter goodbye for the last time. Some of these are heartbreaking and some are just memorable like Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot who posed in a personal manner. You'll also see how American soldiers got back home after the WWII, or how the Buckingham Palace looked like after the death of princess Diana. You'll also get a chance to see how people like Bill Gates managed to fit a lot of data on a small CD. British soldier passing out, or Bruce Lee taking some martial arts classes from his master. If you want to see how the Manhattan bridge looked like during construction, you can see that as well. Get a glimpse at ab early phone tower in Stockholm, or how some german kids built their own Berlin War. Also, some German ladies having a health inspection check. It seems the chest was pretty important...

These old pics are living proof we're constantly evolving and changing as a race, and we're developing new skills, talents and we actually learn from our historical past.

The classic photos you're about to see are pretty rare and amazing, so please, enjoy, share, like and subscribe if you think the same.

This video is about: Rare And Mind Blowing Historical Photos

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4:42 is what you came to see, your welcome

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4:07 today in
Philippines except organized

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1:15 That's the U118 on the beach in 1918 at Hastings, England.

Автор — The Criticiser


The native American woman is beautiful

Автор — MotoMark


2:52 I'll never complain about another fruit fly the rest of my life!

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3:23 woah what is that ? Their backbone never gonna go down? im mean they never gonna be little when they go in 70s? or 80s?

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Bet no one will ‘leap into the Thames’ today 2020! 🥴

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“Mr. Gorbachev. Tear down this wall.”

Punts a brick into those kids faces

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Hardly mind blowing like the title says are they!

Автор — Jimmy Twizzle


Whoever put this clip together gone a lot of photos wrong reference dates, national identities, eras, etc.

Автор — Thomas Gibbons


Woman with chin tattoos is from the late 1800's not the 1920's" " Check your facts "

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Pardon my ignorance but wtf is a fruit fly supposed to be.

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One complaint: Your description sometimes overlays an important part of the photo. Maybe leave the photo up a bit longer after you remove the description?

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Give me a break! The "like you've never seen it before" Pearl Harbor scene is one of the most iconic photos of WW2! This idiot knows nothing about history--or photography. Shows the "bathing beauties" without realizing that the most important thing about that image is that it was shot in very early Kodachrome color. Clueless, utterly clueless!

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The movie "Perfect" came out in 1985 not in the seventies!!!

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A fruit fly narrated this. My favorite was "swidish air hostess".

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Bill Gates, stacking toilet paper
Bombshell Brigitte Bardot Cannes 1953

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4:25 French boys holding their mother's pocketbooks, 1962 .. I'm pretty sure you got that year wrong. That picture look like it's from the 1920s, 1930s or 1940s. I don't know. I just know it's not from 1962

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3:07 that is trooping of the colour ( with a "u" )

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Photo caption @ 7:41 and Lenin Standing sitting in chairs ?

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