Honda Fourtrax 300 4x4: Will It Start?

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

In this Video I will be trying to get my 1991 Honda Fourtrax 300 4x4 running. I bought this about a week ago and I'm excited to hear this thing run!
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💬 Comments

The fourtrax 300 are some of the toughest utility atvs when it comes to Honda, and their super reliable. Cant wait for the trail rides when its going to be snowing!!

Author — Ride and Fun


Hey man awesome video is there a part 2 coming ? Just got one of these 300 4×2 it needs alot of work . Stoked to see your progress.

Author — K P


Rode Honda 300s for years and can honestly say I developed a hate for the fortrax platform.
There great for small duty tasks but to do anything else they require a lot of modifications. No low range was enough for me to choose the bayou platform or the Suzuki kingquad. Having to do a gear reduction to turn 27s seemed off to me.

There reliable tough bikes but if you want any kind of fun they really leave you wanting more.

You should get a good shape bayou 300 a king quad 300 and do a comparison between the original 3 4x4s.

Author — buildurtruckurway 91


Got the same machine at work, we beat the day light out of it, they are a work horse

Author — corban A


you are spot on have a great holiday and new year

Author — preston griffin


Dang Rock, sorry about that. That thing is rougher than she looked. At 600 I think you can still turn a little profit. These things sell high and fast. Good deal? Eh I'm cheap when it comes to selling for profit so I probably would of went say 500 max. Still not too bad I guess in this crazy market. But after buying a nice one with plow for 750 its hard call that a good deal.

Author — Motofarm mx


I got a 300 1990 it runs like a beast once you get it running it won’t stop

Author — Nevdog


There good little bikes they go for 1k here in Canada even when the frame is rotten so I’d say it was a ok deal but there tanks so it should be fine

Author — Thomas Langton


check your spark plug by trying a new one also check the boot

Author — preston griffin


Put a Warn 424 kit to make the Awd and make it 4x4 engageable

Author — Loudhd8 2nd gen Cummins


Bummer that thing fried your CDI. Must have a short somewhere.

Author — FlawleZ31


How much did you end up paying for the Honda?

Author — itzTeddyTheGamer


To bad it's got so many problems. Looks decent though.

Author — KyletheFryan


Do you still have a 1993 honda fourtrax 300 4x4?

Author — ColinThePanAmerican


Too bad but at least you didn't fry an expensive CDI. Who knew that would happen !

Author — Mark Bow


Sorry, but you DO NOT screw the dipstick in to check the engine oil on any Honda ATV.

Author — Livin' The Dream


i dont wanna seem like that guy but honda fourtraxes are unstopable

Author — Local


Just got mine back oil leak fixed new cv boots shock bushings brake work in the front and the transmission as I go to unload it neutral all gears had to push it off the truck then it finally engages the gear as it moves went on the truck just fine in gear crazy ghost problem even the hardwick dealer couldn’t duplicate

Author — Martyvison


Four 600 not worth it but u might be able to part it out sale parts an get your money back

Author — Jody Holcomb