Tucker: How local leaders failed their cities

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Tucker: How local leaders failed their cities 4.5

Why has the coronavirus outbreak been so especially devastating in New York City? #FoxNews #Tucker

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I saw this in Jaws. The mayor wanted everyone to go into the water.

Author — zombietots 2799


This is what political corectness looks like. People suffering out of idiocy

Author — Lord Necrozome


“The risk to New Yorkers from coronavirus is very low”

250, 000 infections and 18, 000 deaths later....

What a JOKE!!

Author — E3voluTion


I never knew that these ppl actually encouraged this. And they have the nerve to blame Trump. Haha

Author — watchmen617


The word "racist" is so watered down, it means nothing now.

Author — Susie Q


I like how fox has some of the most liked and viewed videos yet I never see them in the top news section. I always have to go to their page to see their videos. Bias much youtube?

Author — Matthew Monty


The leftist media always led me to believe that tucker carlson was a racist, alt-right etc. But i find myself agreeing with him more and more!

Author — Watchmetry


De Blasio - "go see a movie called the traitor". seems a fitting film title.

Author — Watty Watts


The word racism is now the norm basically losing its meaning. Racism is now just something you call someone that you don't agree with...

Author — DArealCHAZZ


De Blasio isn't the only incompetent person in NY. Think about all the people who voted for him.

Author — Matthew Edwards


Proof that political correctness does indeed get people killed.

Author — Necro Mancer


I like Tucker Carlson. He's always hitting the nail on the head, every time.

Author — Sosume 1


You are joking, why is this women not in jail?

Author — Sean H


"Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction."

Author — EasyYog11


"I don't take responsibility".... "It's not my fault"

Author — Ztarman Jhonn


Imagine being so woke that you would ignore the obvious truth and subject your constituency to a deadly virus in the name of political correctness.

Author — Citizen Se7en


This city had the worst terror attack in history and weren’t ready ! Cuomo is responsible

Author — Kenneth Bailey


China has banned foreign nationals from entering the country. Can we label them as racists and xenophobes now? 😷

Author — Vivek Chavan


I can literally see the stupid in her eyes.

Author — max Rockatansky


Says the mayor who took his security team with him so he could go to the gym

Author — Charlie B