Strange Double Bass Foot Technique explained!

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This is a tutorial about the double bass technique I´m using. Enjoy!

Finally a video that explains the mysterious foot technique that many have asked about. If you have a question, leave a comment.

In this video I do not use triggers, its all just the sound from the camera microphone.
I use a Pearl Demon Drive double pedal.
My pedal settings:
- spring tension is on maximum
- footboard is on the longboard position
- direct drive adjustment is on position "H" (heavy feel)
- beater holder is on position "B" (power)
- footboard angle adjustment is a little bit lower than the initial setting (about 1mm on the gauge)
- beater angle is on initial setting
- distance between beater holder and center of the beater head is about 13.5cm
- I use Sonor beaters and with all this settings the distance between beater and drumhead is about 13cm

If the Demon Drive is not your first pedal I would highly recommand to put the settings as close as possible to how your old pedal was set up. If the Demon Drive IS your first pedal I would recommand to start with lower spring tension and greater distance between beater and head.
I hope I didnt miss something!
If you need an English manual to understand everything you can get it here:

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Thank you all for your support!

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Author — Wanja [Nechtan] Gröger


I dont know why... but when Im sitting down with my headphones on and i air drum.. my feet do this perfectly and on time... Go to my kit... nothing. haha

Author — Tanner Cruse


This is awesome. This is why I will never stop playing this instrument. There is just so much to learn and master. Well done sir! 🤘🏻

Author — I’m a cashew


You know, it absolutely amazes me how many people have commented on this guy's appearance or voice.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Do you suck so bad that the only way you feel better about yourself while watching this guy play is to say dumb shit like that?  Dude, you're  I just sent this video to my drummer.

Author — Michael Castro


Sounds really powerfull and economic motion-wise! Great technique. As a guitar player I would say that this is the "alternate picking" drum equivalent. Great job. Greetings from Brazil! \, , /

Author — Lucas Andrade


THANK YOU for ignoring the temptation to show off and instead focusing on actually HELPING people. - I'm a newbie and i'm obsessed with being able to double-kick so fast that it sounds like i'm dropping a bucket full of marbles. - ALL of the guys i admire insist on playing cleanly first, so that's what i'm trying to do. - I've been scouring youtube looking for help and your video is exactly what i wanted. - Thanks again man, i really appreciate the time and energy you took to make this video.

Author — Steve Hunt


I set up a drum pedal below my computer desk just to practice this while I'm browsing the web or even playing games. The best part is, it's starting to work.

Author — PastaOverseer


This video has opened my eyes and taught me so much. Saw this at first a few years ago and never believed I could even begin to learn this and now after revisiting, I am well on my way to making it my go-to kick technique. Thanks so much, my friend.

Author — Cannon Sorenson


hehehehe great job at putting this together mate...I confess, at first, I was a bit unconvinced of what you would be playing due to your 'excessive' calmness and tranquility but as it turns out you're an incredible drummer...thumbs up and cheers mate...! best of success for you....

Author — Juan Carlos Ellins Aular


This is the real stuff. To get this loudness at that speed without TRIGGERS! 🙌🏻



This is still my favorite Wanja video. I can watch this a million times and it won't get old. The start of it all.

Author — claysmell


Hey man really great video. Looks like a great technique, yes very similar to heel toe but you can see where you have adapted it to suit your style and I think it looks great! I will definitely be looking into trying out this technique over the coming months. I think it's worth mentioning how free the beaters are when you play, no matter how fast you go they always come right back for each stroke... rather than burying the beater you are saving that energy ready for the next stroke. Great stuff!

Author — Burton Drums


I've been playing around with this technique, you've inspired me to work at it a lot harder :)

I've noticed you seem to also get a lot of power with it - does this appear to be the case when you're actually sitting behind the kit?

Author — David Pardy Music


Great vid! I've been doing a similar technique for years. Instead of two strokes per foot I use three and raise the heel a little higher...I started out in 6/8 time at a slow tempo to get the co-ordination right and slowly built up the speed over a number of years.

Author — Martyrs Shrine Band


Wow, that's exactly what I need. I always had problem with the high-heel technique, but I have good enough the down-heel. Your way to play it helps me to play fast after a few weeks practicing, thank you a lot!

Author — Svetlana Kashukova


WOW! I'm dead set on learning this now! I have the same pedals, I was wondering how you've set up your pedals? I'm really keen to learn this in the best way.

Author — Jake Shaw


You're the first person I've seen that's really done well with this technique. I first learned of this back in the 80s watching the Steve Gadd Up Close video. I actually got it to where I could do it ok, but ditched it for some unknown reason. Your video has inspired me to revisit it. I'm getting it, but I think the most difficult thing about this is playing "Unaccented." It's very difficult to make each hit the same volume. Thanks for the video and inspiration man!

Author — Matt Garrett


MorganvanHelsing! Wow! Very impressed with your technique! I've been a drummer for some time now and just last year (2015) started extreme metal drumming. Always looking to improve. I thank you for your time to show us old and new drummers your technique. If the old-head metal drummers knew this stuff in the past, we would have done so! Thanks!

Author — Raybond


I am an older guy, always loved the drums. Life circumstances prevented my pursuit of drumming at any level of intensity.  Now just a hobby. so it is so freaking awesome to see such talent!. I like the way you break it down so we can see how this can possibly be achieved  by (much) lesser drummers like myself, You ROCK, MAN!  Keep them coming.

Author — scruffytech


this is sort of like the "push pull" technique. It's a really awesome and efficient way of doing it, excellent tutorial.

Author — SomeGuyDude