Forza 7: One Year On From Shameful Rammers...

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Forza 7: One Year On From Shameful Rammers... 5
Time to head back online just over a year on from the classic'Shameful ramming attempts' video.

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💬 Comments on the video

Why are there lights in the tunnel, if they don't even illuminate?

Author — Tomi Vuori


FM7: Rio de Janeiro without ramming
whole forza community: wait that's illegal

Author — Ersatz.R


14:00 that pass was clean asf tho from the barracuda damn

Author — Gynkys


Me : Lets have a clean race!!
Forza 7 : We dont do that here

jokes apart was a fun video, nice work.

Author — Shahrozeali1


"black hole"
have you forgotten about the shadow realm?

Author — Euan Zhang


"we're just gonna casually go underneath a Ferrari" lol, not something you would except someone to say so casually while going underneath a ferrari

Author — Iiro Ovaskainen


Aaaahhh yes the famous Disco's glitch.

Author — Alan McG


Bru that mounting moment made me laugh so hard my whole family just stared at me 13:01

Author — Ahmed Ghalib


19:37 the exhaust tips are already clappin

Author — Ragewn


I do enjoy the GT Sport content. But theres just someone so entertaining with forza 7s chaos.

Author — Ryan Slattery



Forza: *extreme wheelspin*

Author — todojuku


2:51 ah Forza replicating the amazing physics of rubbing sheet metal together at high speeds creating the ultra realistic magnetic bumper affect

Author — You tube


Does Momoz play Forza. Seems up his alley.

Author — BjornBorgsUndies on GT LAB


Kudos to the Forza developers for bringing out a WinXP version of the game

Author — pauldzim


19:38 wtf are the NSX's exhaust tips doing

Author — Obama Gaming


Hi Steve, a video idea for Forza, join a lobby and see who in what car won the last race, and use it, and the next race use the winners car/second place if you win, and repeat. To me it sounds cool but idk about you

Author — Big James


Play Wreckfest please, Would love to see your dodge technics there!

Author — Rahul Taneja


People deploying smoke screens just had me there 😅

Author — Shamz 76


Was about to buy a sim rig when Forza 7 came out... Within a week I retired that idea and fielded a two stroke kart to my list of toys.

Author — Max Snellink


One year later "SHAMELESS ramming attempts"

Author — R4M_Giant_Lizard_on_Track