Identifying yew

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Identification of yew - Taxus spp.

Video created by to for the course NRES 201 - Dendrology to supplement class lectures and field walks.

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Thanks. Great video. You really remind me of the character on the TV show Arrested Development - think his name was Tobias.

Author — Dolly


So just to be sure, is the peeling bark, flexible branches, two-sided leaf and red aril sufficient to be sure it's a yew?

Author — Frank Feldman


The reason that one didn't have berries is cos it's a male. Only the female have the berries. Thought I'd help you as you seem to have little idea other than what you've seen in other videos and stating the obvious like it has flexible twigs🤯
Hate wasting my time watching useless videos so I hope someone reads this before they waste there time also

Author — MrHukd