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Time for more Smash Ultimate! Last time was HOW TO KING K. ROOL, but now we'll be taking a look at the premier loli herself: Inkling (HOW TO INKLINK). HOW TO SMASH ULTIMATE has already outperformed my wildest expectations, and I have all of you to thank. I knew you liked Smash Ultimate, but never this much. Thank you for everything, hope you like HOW TO INKLING!

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Author — Weegee Plays


Inkling is so good at edge guarding that she just deletes the edge so no one has a chance to get back.

Author — Dylan Norman


"Finding Weegee" coming in 2020.

Author — Chris


Hope he’s doing financially okay. He’s a high school drop out and hasn’t uploaded in almost a year.

Author — Vinlie


As a inkling main, I agree. Entire round of trying to cover opponents with the... ink

Author — Speedy


The day will come when our god Weegee returns to this unholy land

Author — Pawpa


Thanks for the quality content Cade, hope you and Tomoko have a wonderful holiday this year.

Author — Hexxi Bojexxi


So...thank you for some funny as hell content weegee, that's coming from many of people, I don't know if your joking or not but I remember this in smash 4 vids, we will wait for you to upload when you are ready, if you do really see your life the way you do, we all support you, even after uploading the how to terry video, you have all the time in the world, no rush :)

Author — Mista Moo


Genuinely miss WEEGEE uploads. Fwob is great, but the over the top content on this channel is certainly missed.

Author — Seth Newton


You're one of the funniest commentators for smash and I love your style of comedy.

Author — Kerry Thomas


As someone that has literally fought only isabelles today, this was fucking GOLDDDD

Author — Beez Kneez


As a Ness main, it's a well-known fact that sometimes the most optimal punish is to just let us recover.

Author — OmegaManZero2


I’m praying for a Roy Koopa how to. He’s my favorite fighter, but I’ll admit I’m not great with him lol. Thanks for another amazing video, Weegee!

Author — Agar Steeljaw


WeeGee has literally fucking disappeared faster than my dad when he went out for groceries

Author — JellyBelly


Man, real talk. I miss Weegee. I know he has fwob now, and he’s probably really happy with that, but I wish he would come back. It makes me sad knowing he started to despise making content so much due to “fans” that he had to leave. (Not sure if this is 100% true, but it’s what I heard sorry I I’m wrong) I always love his content, no matter what the channel he’s on, and I respect that. It takes serious skill to make content that enjoyable. Kudos to you Weegee, if you ever read this, I’m glad that you decided to do what you would rather do. But hey, hopefully one day you’ll be able to come if you want. Up to you I guess. Thanks. And bye

Author — BuhBuhBuh


"The turns have tabled" gets me every fucking time

Author — paris86


Remember when Weegee said Ultimate was a port, now he's actually making content on the game?

*True character development*

Author — Bootyjuice Jenkins


In mourning for Weegee, one day he'll be back.

Author — Callum Murphy


Thank you for these videos i want you to make more of this series

Author — Yacob


Question: Do you think you’d re-do some of your How To videos with some of the changes that Smash Ultimate gave them. Like Link with his Remote Bomb Rune?

Author — Astral Shadow