GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: The Big Con, Yung Ancestor Stealth, $2,653,517 Payout Full Heist

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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: The Big Con, Yung Ancestor Stealth, $2,653,517 Payout Full Heist 5

This was by far the hardest finale approach to do in full stealth. But we got it done and made it out without being seen.

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💬 Comments on the video

Wish there was an option to steal the podium vehicle as the getaway vehicle, probably in the aggressive

Author — Mr Zakhar


The guard isn’t at the vault room because he was given a double strength laxative

Author — Rekrap Enal P.L


"I can't go to jail, I can't go to jail!"
*Proceeds to shoot Brucie in the leg*

Author — The Dank Gunslinger


This is basically silent and sneaky just you can't use your guns

Author — CJ DJ


My Yung Stealth run: Guards have X-ray vision and see bodies through walls, Awareness pro hearing, patrol with 0 trigger discipline

Ghillie’s YSR: guard’s can’t seem to notice when their buddies die in their peripheral vision, are deaf, unsure where their trigger is.

Author — Dark Daedalus


Why don’t they let us buy duffel bags?, they released so many new ones.

Author — MrBossFTL _


yung ancestor reminds me of og loc from san andreas

Author — Dominic Galarza


Ghillie: “My name may be Ghillie... but girls call me *Master* .”

Author — EvolveNinja


TIP: If you're wearing the yung ancestor disguise you can just run past all the guards on the staff floor, they're just say you shouldn't be here. You still need to be sneaky in the vault.
Just make sure weapons are concealed.

Author — Lugsy


Damn how are you so fast at hacking? that's impressive.

Author — Logan Wolv


My stealth run consisted of an enemy that was already dead noticing a friend hiding in a corner and alerting the whole building just by groaning after we exploded his head off

Author — Dr Giggles


Tip, the guards don’t detect you through bullet proof glass. This counts for both security rooms

Author — Kyle Park


Me: Walks out of the arcade and gets detected by guards immediately

This guy: 19:34

Author — Noel


I’ve done enough of the stealth (Big Con and Infiltrate) approaches so far to say that you can take lots of risks with those cameras. I think it might be to do with the server lag and how they appear on each player’s screen, but there’s been numerous times where I’m walking right though them and they don’t catch you. Logically, it would make sense that after you take out the guard in the security room, the cameras shouldn’t spot you, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either. Rockstar needs to take some hints from IO Interactive and the Hitman series for basic principles of stealth.

Author — Click To Add Text


Fun fact I've you make Young Ancestors 1 time and after this you hit the Casino again whit a other way Young Ancestor will call you and ask you if you hit the Casino again 💯

Author — Faggio TTV


Brucie got shot in the leg for no reason.

Author — Firestorm123


Me: trying to watch camera cause it doesn't want to move.

Youtube: here's some juicy ads for ya

Author — Thy Ghy


The yung ancestor is basically going in silent and sneaky it’s not really a big con

Author — populartrev


Was actually so interesting to watch 😂

Author — C4L1 F0R31GN


4:24 if you go up the stairs to the 5th floor, it takes you to yung ancestor's penthouse where the guards and maids won't bother you as long as you're unarmed and don't bump into them. there you can go straight to the elevator. much quicker and easier imo. 😉

i don't know why lester doesn't mention this since it's literally the only use out of the outfits the heist gives you.

Author — blue text on white background