I bought my GF a 1,500hp Racecar... | RPM S7 E40

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I bought my GF a 1,500hp Racecar... | RPM S7 E40 5

On Today's Episode of the RPM Web Series, Fran surprises KP with her very own 1,500hp Racecar.

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Happy for you guys!!! You'll do great things with it for sure! I can see why some people might be upset but I made a deal to see this car go to someone who clearly really loves it and can actually use it to it's full potential. The reaction says it all. If that makes me a douchebag so be it-

Author — Street Speed 717


True car girls are rare. Fran is treating his girl like the rare human being she is. So freakin awesome

Author — ReinersRigs


You know you have a great girl when the realization of turbos being present creates tears.

Author — Mark Carruthers


I’m a grown ass man crying at the fact she’s crying about the present. By far the best video on YouTube, RPM fan for life.

Author — Andrew Rouse


Haha no tears until "its a turbo car?" Real car girl

Author — Mocha Man


I am glad grandpa is going to someone who will use it.

Author — TheWilliam1122


Why can't I get nice presents like this? I thought we were friends.

Author — BigKleib34


*doesnt have a cage can’t be to fast lol*

It’s to fast for not having a cage lol.

Author — Will Kinnard


Best part is Fran trying not to cry. Let it out homie. It feels good!!

Author — Geoff Cope


The world is upside down if Mike sold it because its too fast, only to be given to a girl whos so excited shes shedding tears! Am i wrong for thinking this girl might drive the car harder than mike ever would?

Author — DannyDanko


When your girl friend cries when she finds out it’s turbo. 🔥

Author — Rambito


“It doesn’t have a cage so it’s not that fast.” Lmao

Author — Frankie Murphy


Im tired of seeing other youtubers surprise their girlfriends with range rovers and tesla, this is type of car surprises I want to see

Author — No Limit Meen


I was mad when I found out mike sold it but watching this video I finally found out why and good on ya mike. She’s going to be very happy with it

Author — Austin Davenport


Well atleast now we'll get to see what grandpa can really do...car has alot of potential..👍👍😎

Author — Arek E


Need to have updates on this car in future episodes to show the progress of it

Author — Nick Lapp


the 121 dislikes are all of Fran's exes that still watch his videos. That's right @BoostedC6 and Cindy from preschool I see you!!!

Author — Corey Wharton


Fran is such a big ole teddy bear 🧸 lol i feel like hugging him for what all he does for kp

Author — MRZL1


Wow.. Just found your channel. Your girl made me feel genuinely extremely happy for her. The video had my girl & i choked up for sure. THE BEST REACTION VIDEO EVER. THIS SEEMS 100% ORGANIC FROM THE SEED.... You just gained 5 new subscribers... keep it the good

Author — OneshotKilla_


Red race Corvette a white street Corvette and a blue race Corvette. Oh say can you

Author — 06 TrailblazerSS