The Most Terrifying and Powerful Protective Uniforms in the World!

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The Most Terrifying and Powerful Protective Uniforms in the World! 5

New technologies are being used in all areas of human life, and the army is certainly no exception. But we aren't just talking about modern military equipment, like tanks, drones and submarines; we mean personal protective equipment. In this video we want to show you the coolest inventions among modern armor systems. Some of them are still in development and some of them are already available for purchase. So, you want to know how a soldier of the future would look like?

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Only in Russia can you get a hot chick to walk thru a minefield and not flinch lol

Author — YourMomsDildo


“Exo skeletons aren’t used for combat”

*Advanced Warfare* : Hold my beer

Author — Landen Maupin


Sniper: Dammit he's got bulletproof armor

Barrett: Am I a joke to you?

Author — You Know Who


*Third arm exists*

Army: Hold my beer

Author — Rupkumar Murmu


“Want to know how the Soldiers of Future look like?”
*Shows R6 Characters*
Normal People: :0
R6 Players: Wait a minute.

Author — Dawn the Cutie


Best uniform is team killing your friend and use him as cover

Author — Singyu Liu


That red haired girl can certainly withstand my explosive pants.

Author — David Sanchez


So basically they're just trying to bring all the cool stuff from call of duty: advance warfare to life
Hahaha....nice and pretty amazing

Author — Abdel chun


Including the African exo suits is like hanging up a five year olds finger painting on the fridge.

Author — Hans


Hear me out

Explosion proof suit combined with exo skeleton

Author — big beans mgee


I bet that we will see a billionaire superhero wearing these

Author — SeanTheMan1


Did anyone else be like “that rainbow six siege on the background” at the beginning of the video

Author — Luis Rosales


"Third arm"
Looks like a wiener

Author — LuseriteVoid


just saying that if ww3 comes out ww2 is going to look like a joke next to it

Author — Aemamu


The soldier of the future would probably look a lot like master chief.

Author — Pinoy keyboard warrior


Finally we've caught up to call of duty.

Author — Getyeeted


I immediately lost interest when you brought up ghana's "technology". Everything ghana does is like cosplaying real civilizations. The same could be said about most nations in that region. Their "wars" are just glorified games of pretend and these concepts aren't plausible at all. Could an advanced nation make it happen? Possibly. Could ghana make it happen. No lmfao. That's like a homeless guy showing you a drawing of a gundam and expecting you to believe that he's currently developing that technology. As cool as i think their little art show is it's not even a plausible concept to be considered from a nation like ghana.

Author — Elmas RobotAlien


"Marines have always moved, talked, and performed..."

*Proceeds to show Army soldiers*

Author — Dylan Macon


A dude eating his pizza: aight im gonna hack that suit and make him dance like a mantis

Author — Mark Wilson


water: i’m bout to end this whole mans career

Author — Africandaddy244 ###