Vodka wars Belvedere vs Russian standard gold

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Vodka wars Belvedere vs Russian standard gold is the battle of Polish and Russian high quality vodkas. Both nations love and can do vodka but which one is better?

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Gold is not regular vodka, they put additives. But taste is good. I also would prefer RS, but some people could be ok with poland's belweder - why not. In Russia RS a little bit overppriced, some local brands have the same quality and similar taste and costs 50% cheaper than RS.

Author — Hippo Tam


i tried gold today and did not enjoy it, , too sweet and had a stronger bite or heat going down than what i was excepting, , russian standard original is smoother and milder flavored and that is what i drink for now only because it is a close second to putinka which was my best tasting vodka i ever had, , it is dangerously smooth i find myself taking shot after shot and i could drink whole 70cl bottle and only get nice mellow buzz, , quality stuff, , i hope one day i can get my hand on more bottles, , i love the perioscope spout that come up when you twist the cap open, it is very clever and unique and makes poring nice and neat ad then it goes back down when you twist cap to close, ,my sister got me this when she was on a cruise trip around st petersburgh and norway etc no english on the bottle all russian and perhaps some hebrew so i know is pure russian stuff



Ahh RS Gold, my favorite. So smooth like silk. Never was a Vodka drinker but it got me hooked.

Author — Super_Slav


building depicted on a bottle is Warsaw-located presidential palace called "belvedere";) cheers from Poland

Author — Janek_ _Lach z Warszawy


Nice video man I️ watched the whole thing

Author — Batell Shenanigans


Nice battle!! Grey goose vs Russki Standart Platinum next time plesae!!

Author — Sam Lemus


Belvedere might be a bit expensive but it is top shelf vodka!!

Author — Mahir


I just bought the gold русский стандарт i cannot wait to open it after i finish my rakija

Author — zazzarati