Andre Rieu and The Johann Strauss Orchestra - Wembley 7 March 2017

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Andre Rieu and The Johann Strauss Orchestra - Wembley 7 March 2017 4.5
Copyright owned by Andre Rieu and The Johann Strauss Orchestra.

A few of the lighter moments of this excellent concert featuring the Irrepressible Frederic Jenniges on Zither being upstaged by Linda Custer-Slakholst (violin), Manoe Konings (clarinet/sax/finger popping), Stephanie Detry (piano/tap), and Teun Ramaekers (flute/piccolo/fife/concussion), before a surprise or two in the encores.

Uploaded for Marie and John who joined me for a natter and a laugh in the auditorium before the show.

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Wonderful video. I'd love to see him perform in person as the concert would be so much fun. He is a great musician and a better showman. Keep on going!



"MAGIQUE" tout simplement' ( pour les amateurs de bonne music"!) yeah!

Author — jeannine jeanpierre


Manoe cracks me up.  I laughed so hard I have tears in my eyes.  Love her.

Author — Ruby Courey


I was there and it was the most amazing concert ever. Can't wait to see him again.

Author — Elaine Whitchurch


just wonderful. can't wait for the 15th of july

Author — elaine mccubbin


I love this man. Is the best musician.😍😍😍😍😍😍

Author — Viki Zuniga


Was there and loved every moment of it; once I got used to seeing a dot on the stage!!!   Dot or not the music was first class. xx

Author — Ann Mackay


I just adore this orchestra . especially manoe and Frederick

Author — Eva Jennifer Howarth


Thank you so much for these marvelous moments and believe me we need these more often . <3

Author — Dorilla Gagné


He always puts on such a lavish and splendid show for his audiences Frank...Great upload...Regards...Bob

Author — Robert Masterman


Andre your just cool and I love Strauss waltze it's my favourite. The tales from Vienna woods 😊😊💕👏👏👏👏

Author — Tony 9419


I was there in quebec city on sept the 26th. Beautiful.

Author — Denis Nadeau


Love everything about these concerts, only been able to go to a few which was wonderful.please don't ever stop this lovely show. Patricia s 🌹❤️❤️❤️🇬🇧

Author — Patsy S


Farto - me de rir e é sempre com boa disposição que preenche a minha vida

Author — ruiserpapinto pinto


Beautiful, Master piece with Invention.

Author — Hong Cong Phan


Look forward to seeing him in Tacoma, Wash. on October 28 !

Author — Gwinn Dunham


Andre Rieu e companhia são meus preferidos para relaxar e, para ouvir e para tudo que resulta em bom ouvir ver e resultar em descanso mental e fisico. EXCELENTEEEE

Author — Itabajar Dumke


André Rieu
Que faites vous? ! Comment pouvez vous nous prendre vers les cieux par la musique ?!
Salut, la joie. ... slut, André

Author — Fenêtre ouverte


Estasiante come sempre, col pizzico di umorismo che ci sta bene!!

Author — giancarlo dessi


I love you andre you're the best luv rose xxx

Author — Rose Edwards