Aviation Expert Analyzes Flight Path of Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter | NBC10 Philadelphia

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Aviation Expert Analyzes Flight Path of Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter | NBC10 Philadelphia 4.5

We’re learning more about the helicopter that crashed in Southern California killing Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, John Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Christina Mauser, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester and Ara Zobayan. NBC10’s Matt DeLucia sat down with aviation expert John Gagliano to analyze the flight’s path before the deadly crash.




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It makes you wonder how many times you’ve unknowingly escaped death by making changes in your decisions

Author — Haley Owens


I feel like this could have been avoided. That’s the hardest pill to swallow over this case

Author — Amber Malinowski


Why don't we get an interview from the person talking to the pilot?

Author — Alternate Universe


I wish they would of just made a different decision that day.

Author — Sonia Li


Expert is speaking and people on here still giving their non expert opinions. Smh

Author — Robyn Mancell


Very good. Best analysis that I've seen.

Author — Bradley Smith


This guy is great!!! They need to give him some more air time. Great analyzation skills with great details. Very well spoken and explained.

Author — Los Lakers


Flying in fog without the proper instruments is like flying blind.

Author — Mark Sammons


He sounded a little stressed. He should have had a copilot. Better yet, he should have stayed on the ground.

Author — Some One


This expert explaining to us is a FIVE-STAR Thanks for explaining the silence - 1-way conversation. Helped a lot.

Author — Janet Stone


Was on the roof FaceTiming my family in Glendale California at the exact time it all happened. The fog was so we couldn’t see LA, couldn’t see any of the mountains, and we couldn’t even see the further than 1 street below.

Wild shit that someone would fly in that.

Author — Jonathan Cesari


It’s called “controlled flight into terrain”. It unfortunately happens all the time when pilots make poor decisions and fly in weather they should not have been flying in. This was pilot error.

Author — Tim IZO


Sadly, did the pilot’s wealth of previous experience allow him to not make the most conservative decision? (Not to fly in such foggy conditions)

Maybe considering his level of expertise, navigating the fog wouldn’t be a huge risk, but in my opinion, when dealing with flying vehicles, you should always make THE MOST conservative decision. There is no margin for error.

May everyones souls who perished in the crash, rest in peace. What a gut-wrenching tragedy.

Author — oghlanghez


Hey NBC, you should be giving credit to @VASAviation who quickly put together the video with ATC transmissions that was used by the expert in this broadcast.

Author — David Poulin


so the tower at socal got the last conversation that was not recorded, so maybe journalists should interview those people at the tower or least the man on the other end.

Author — C N


I'm sorry it was just unwise to fly in such foggy weather

Author — Lesha Blunt


You can have all the experience in the world and have an accident. Weather conditions are different each day and some days fog is heavier some days than others. No doubt in my mind the pilot has flew in fog but Sunday morning fog was probably a lot heavier. He figured he could get Kobe and the crew to the game so he stuck with it and ran into a slight situation that he just couldn’t get out of. Unfortunately it cost the lives of 9 people. Things happen in life and it’s tragic that this had to happen to these people and to a person like KOBE BRYANT. But this was simply HUMAN ERROR. RIP TO ALL WHO WERE ON BOARD AND THE FAMILIES WHO ARE GRIEVING DURING THIS TRAGEDY 🙏🏽😢

Author — J B


It seems like his visibility changed really quick like he flew into dense fog and he got nervous because he couldn't see, tried to go back the other way and lost control 😢

Author — t briggs


The biggest aviation crash in history had fog involved. 583 dead. Pilot error

Author — Him Bike


I hate “should’ve would’ve could’ve”s since none of that will bring them back but hopefully it’s a lesson for future uses.

Author — Maha Abdul