How the rich get richer – money in the world economy | DW Documentary

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How the rich get richer – money in the world economy | DW Documentary 4.5

Exploding real estate prices, zero interest rate and a rising stock market – the rich are getting richer. What danger lies in wait for average citizens?

For years, the world’s central banks have been pursuing a policy of cheap money. The first and foremost is the ECB (European Central Bank), which buys bad stocks and bonds to save banks, tries to fuel economic growth and props up states that are in debt. But what relieves state budgets to the tune of hundreds of billions annoys savers: interest rates are close to zero.

The fiscal policies of the central banks are causing an uncontrolled global deluge of money. Experts are warning of new bubbles. In real estate, for example: it’s not just in German cities that prices are shooting up. In London, a one-bed apartment can easily cost more than a million Euro. More and more money is moving away from the real economy and into the speculative field. Highly complex financial bets are taking place in the global casino - gambling without checks and balances. The winners are set from the start: in Germany and around the world, the rich just get richer. Professor Max Otte says: "This flood of money has caused a dangerous redistribution. Those who have, get more." But with low interest rates, any money in savings accounts just melts away. Those with debts can be happy. But big companies that want to swallow up others are also happy: they can borrow cheap money for their acquisitions. Coupled with the liberalization of the financial markets, money deals have become detached from the real economy. But it’s not just the banks that need a constant source of new, cheap money today. So do states. They need it to keep a grip on their mountains of debt. It’s a kind of snowball system. What happens to our money? Is a new crisis looming? The film 'The Money Deluge' casts a new and surprising light on our money in these times of zero interest rates.

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We need a new documentary on this topic post corona virus.

Author — Robert Forever Ago


Coronavirus came in such a timely manner. It's really interesting. The world is gonna change quicker than we thought, that's for sure.

Author — Mehmet Doğan Özdemir


Give man a gun he will rob the bank. Give man the bank, he will rob the world!

Author — nIndja


I have watched this documentary thrice just because I thought it was the best ever... Thanks so much for this lesson

Author — Daniel Hama


"I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies." Thomas Jefferson 1816

Author — Mary Walters


"Today's slaves are those who willingly sign up a 30 year mortgage" -me

Author — CRM6718


"Honesty is less profitable than dishonesty." - Plato

Author — Spartaculus Jones


Life for most people: Go to primary and secondary school just to get a piece of paper that piece of paper with a score attached to it will determined which university you go to just to get another piece of paper. Get debt so you can get another piece of paper. Slave away 40 years of your life away to your employer just to realised that your company will abandoned you by not giving you your pension and insurance. Live the rest of your life working in Mc Donald or other low paying jobs. Not the life I want to live.

Author — Serpent ZAchary


How the rich get richer: ''Financial bailout'', according to COVID-19

Author — NTH THN


If watching this in 2017 was scary try watching it in 2019 lol

Author — Deje Robi


is the world's financial more like the world's largest money laundering center and increasingly a Chinese Laundry.

Author — L JR


The rabbit hole only gets deeper until you figure out "it's a club and you ain't in it"

Author — The One


it is hard to watch this and not feel deceived by the central banks. we need a return to the gold standard.

Author — Kyriacos Ktenas


The old man is going to the bank for investment advice for where to invest his money 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — chan hyun


We were watching docus and blogs like this 20 years ago and nothing has changed. The world is controlled by organised crime and our governments are complicit.

Author — Repeat After Me:


Watching this in 2020 in the middle of the madness makes so much sense!

Author — Mo sleman


Watching this in 2020 during Coronavirus and recession all over the world due to pandemic scares me. But also motivates me to learn more about other possibilities rather than current form of capitalism. To become more self aware. Thanks for the great documents DW.

Author — Maksym Rudek


The ticking time bomb just went off but the blast is still to come.

Author — grE68


Desincentivize real estate speculation with high taxes for second homes, or homes not occupied by the occupant or owned by a non-human.

Author — a pg


If watching this was scary in 2017 try watching it in 2020 (COVID-19) CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK...

Author — Minecraft Hindi