Free energy light bulbs Amazing with salt water & magnets - Experiment at home

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Free energy light bulbs Amazing with salt water & magnets - Experiment at home 4
Free energy light bulbs Amazing with salt water & magnets - Experiment at home

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Fake because it has already adjust a battery in bulb so when both wires will connect to each other by salt water then light starts shining

You should go to mental hospital

Author — knowledge Library


has everybody gone nuts believing this BS - take a college physics course for godsakes.

Author — heterodyne1


Dude, its time you close your channel and open another when you mature. Any one know your videos going to be fake without having to watch them.

Author — max marrero


This vid could have been done in under three minutes. Easily.

Author — Manifesting Destiny


I also tried it but it was fake I'm requesting the viewers please don't try this.

Author — praveen Sharma


guy ... dont waste your and our times with videos like this and confuse young pupil. Let's meet and establish the MLC Ltd. I will take over a share of a dime's value and become a billionaire over night with the MAGIC LIGHT COMPANY Ltd. ... however, I had fun ... until I had to distroy my son's dreams ... ok, another time Hamburger and fries at PIEEEP ... maybe it works with ketchup?

Author — A Bö


I think it's just a rechargable light bulb.

Author — Michael Diaz


vidio pembodohan ini namanya, , coba pake lampu yg biasa, jgn make lampu charge/cas pasti ga bakal bisa .. itu lampu cas ada batre di dalam nya jadi sewaktu timah negatif dan positif nya tersambung oleh hantaran air jadi nyala, maka dari itu sekrang banyak yg menggunakan lampu tersebut di karena sewaktu listrik padam lampu tersebut bisa menyala dengan sendiri ketika listrik padam .. di pegang pake tangan pun bisa nyala tanpa air karena pada umumnya tubuh manusia bisa menghantarkan listrik ... vidio tai kek gini kok bisa tembus 7 juta penonton ya

Author — Aswar Anas


The buttom of ur experiment bulb is even in my home even though it is put on forehead it produces light

Author — San Magh Asi


l really don't understand why you make all this demonstration when you can do it just in 2 second by joining the two parts of the end of this lamp with your moist fingers !!!

Author — Rene Francois


Battery inside the bulb. Obvious and lame

Author — Real Noodle


HOLY S#!T!!! Could this guy have spent anymore time, adjusting the fit of a cup, that he is only going to remove again & again... & again...etc.
What an insane way to Jack off a ridiculous amount of time!!! Again.. WOW!!!

Author — Toney Stough


This guy is suck, no explanations and took him almost ten minutes for 2 minutes work.

Author — Mehryar Kaveh


What bulb is that
What walts I need to buy from shop
I am going to do in my science expo pls say on or by tomorrow

Author — Muthees Waran


영상 재밌게 봤습니다 ~
안녕하세여 제채널에도 재밌는 영상이 많아요 놀러와주세요~^^

Author — Monster Recipe몬스터레시피


Kita menggunakan bahan dasar air, garam dan magnet, lampu menyala sampai berapa jam? Apa nanti soak juga? Terima-kasih.

Author — Armindo Barros


caracas como vc embasam para mostrar algo tão simples.chega a ser cansativo

Author — Osvaldo Pedroni


Gente aos 8:03 minitos do vídeo ele tira a lâmpada e ela ainda está acesa fake

Author — Léo Leandro


Thanks Matt👍🏻
Matt said he tried this method. It doesn’t work!

Author — kjarby69


coloque a musica do dólar furado ai q fica mais melhor. reveladora

Author — Valdecir Aparecido pereira