A Mandela song by Zahara and Mzwakhe Mbuli

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

Zahara, singer-songwriter and poet and People's Poet Mzwakhe Mbuli sing a Madiba song.

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2022 the song still servers warmth in my heart

Author — Thapelo Sekhasembe


One of the best collaborations i personally respect.

Author — Reginald Lunga


I'm Angolan but whenever I hear this song I feel part of it and I feel that Madiba is the father of the continent as a whole! Long live father Madiba. What an inheritance!

Author — Adriano Cassola


the song was so amazing, Madiba will remain forever world icon

Author — Phihlello Khati


What a tribute to the greatest statesman this planet has ever known. The song makes me weep every time I listen to the lyrics. My eyes are flooded right now. Well done Mzwakhe and Zahara

Author — Keodirile Motshabi


2019 still getting touched by this song :( ... i am an African, proudly African

Author — Things Of Da Nature


Blessed you all my Brothers and Sisters in SA, letting you all know you are in our prayers.  Your Brother in USA

Author — Maurice Herron aka Malachi


Very Emotional,
The Deep voice of Mbali
The Magic voice of Zahara

Greatly Emotional cried hearing this song!!!!

Author — Pangoo Hataki


2017 and till to this day i still cry of the thought of our great has passed on and this song gives me hope that we can still be better and he will not be forgotten for he was and still is the father of the nation 😢❤🎵great song ..
like if u agree

Author — noxi_ blue


The best song ever done on Mandela my Hero.RIP

Author — Edmund Stramiss


His voice take me back to the history 🇿🇦🇿🇦😭😭 thanks to your minds i love dis song will always reminds us of our father...TaTa rest in power💪

Author — Senzie Poh!


For all  you fought in your life, for quite this hope and this peace that you shared around you, because up to your death you have never stopped believing in a better world... You gave us the desire to believe it, the desire to fight, the desire to fight for our rights, the desire to raise the world, you tempt me to go beyond my limits, you will always be our hero to all. RIP Tata.

Author — Bénédicta M.S


Emocionante, sempre que to escutando o meu ser levanta

Author — Rodo Mucachua


What a BEAUTIFUL song and tribute to a great icon!!!!❤

Author — Donna Dickerson


Esta musica é fantastica, este dote k estes artistas sul africanos tem é de tirar chapeu, me faz lembrar a veia d Lucky, gostaria mesmo de ter a traducao desta letra p portugues. PAZ a MADIBA! homem incomparavel no mundo actual, foi de facto PAI da Nacao Sul Africana e do Mundo.

Author — Mario J. Bande


power to Zahara &Mzwakhe Mbuli, Father of the Nation.

Author — Vusi CThobela


` I cried even tho I didn't understand the song but the tune gave me good vibe ♡ Nelson Mandela is still my idol who inspired me which I respect so much (: !!

Author — dhurdysixx36


The people who dislike this are blind!!!! We love you zahara❤❤❤

Author — Siya


this is the best song i've ever heard with my eyes and seen with my ears!

Author — Sithembiso Muzi Hlatshwako


An epic tribute sung from the depths of the heart to a true Man for all Seasons

Author — Wowo Mbotho