Wilcom E4 Sketch Punching Embroidery Tutorial in Urdu.[Part-1]

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Tutorial on Wilcom E4 Sketch Punching Embroidery Tutorial in Urdu.[Part-1]
Welcom to learn Wilcom Embroidery Designing , Punching, Digitizing, Traveling and Many professional uses
learn Wilcom embroidery designing on software version E4. Wilcom Computerized Embroidery designing software is much popular all over the world that Support /Create multiple Embroidery machine format in computerized embroidery system.

This wilcom tutorial series are for those, who want to learn professional uses of Embroidery Design Software,

In this wilcom tutorial series all the options and functions are Explain in Different videos. To cover complete Wilcom E4 Digitizing tools you must watch from start to end step by step.

you will learn all the functions and tools in easy urdu and hindi language .So Friends in this wilcom Training all the videos are recorded in HD Quality for better user experience, try to use headphones with full screen mode .

1-Learn Wilcom Basic Drawing Tools From Start

2-Learn Wilcom Digitizing Using Input A Tool

3-Learn How to use Wilcom Input B Tool

4-Learn How To Use Complex Fill in Wilcom Embroidery Studio e2

5-Embroidery Border Design punching in wilcom with Traveling

6-How to install wilcom e2 in 32/64bit windows?

7-Embroidery Border Design punching in wilcom with Traveling (Part2)

8-Wilcom Embroidery Techniques to Digitizing in Parts and Repeating

9-How to use Circle and Star tool in wilcom e2.

10- How to use Wilcom outline tools in Embroidery Digitizing.

11-How to Digitizing 3D Foam & 3D Puff Embroidery in Wilcom

12- how to install Wilcom Embroidery Studio E4

13-How to Apply Trapunto,Florentine,Liquid Effects in wilcom

14-Letters Digitizing in Wilcom e2

15-How to make Cross Stitch Design in wilcom e2

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Urs training is very helpful. I will try.

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hai sir ap mujhe wilcom e4 starting se sikha sakte hai pls. apka mobile number denge

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can anybody tell me what is the shortcut key for image hide

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