★ ArcheAge ★ - Part 2: Reforged Dream Ring

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Thank you for helping me with the quests!
Reikon, Oby, Bewg, Labrador, Oriz, Jbwkz, Derys, Shiroi, Malignant, Falko & Beez.

The Dream Ring questline sets you on an adventure that allows you to upgrade it to a celestial grade that gives Stamina +40 and skill damage +3%. Details in the links below.

0:09 6. The Hand of Fate
The trail will need to be picked up once again by finding the Arcane Soul in Eastern Heedmar, located south of the volcano. His quest involves running around Auroria finding Pharaum nodes. No map exists for the location of the nodes.

2:07 7. The Price of Labor
Head to Growlgate island (pirate island) and locate Pirate Blacksmith Kamlen.
His quest will have you head to the cliffside South of the Royal Palace of Ezna is Two Crowns.
Glide along the cliff side directly South of the Royal Palace and look for a perch with a bench and a tunnel.
Use the item at the bench perched on the cliff and beat the mob that spawns.
You will need to bring a group of 5.
Report to Pirate Blacksmith Kamlen.

6:14 8. Specialized Equipment
Kamlen requests:
- 100 Star Shard Ingots
Starshard Chips can be found in the water south of Cinderstone Moore. They will have to be refined into Starshard Ingots at a smelter.
- 15 Chaos Starshards
They are located all over the southern part of Perinoor Ruins.

8:02 9. The Heart of Flame
Head to Askja Crater in Cinderstone Moore to kill an Inferno elemental. You do NOT need an Artisan's Gale Ring anymore!
An item is provided to summon the beast. You will need a raid group to tackle this beast. When you kill him, combine its heart with the chest provided for the quest. Then return to Pirate Blacksmith Kamlen in Growlgate Isle and get your heroic ranked ring; Reforged Dream Ring.

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thanks so much for making this guide Ayin! :)   . I want to mention that when you talk to the blacksmith in growlgate, you need to have the ring on to get the next quest!

Author — squirrelbong A


good video but have a question you win the ring is forever or for a few days?

Author — Aicho


When you guys got frozen I noticed that you could press f...I was like why isn't she pressing f to get out...then I realized it was to sit down. LAWLZ!!!

Author — Calum Belmont


Magnificient mirage gale ring? How do you get that?

Author — YourBestFriendProductions


MLG healer junn reporting in. Is everyone still rocking archeage or is it a bad time for me to jump back in?

Author — Jun Yi


Hey, Ayin, I was wondering if you could help me, me and a few friends want to make a guild but we still haven't found a fifth party member (I have 4/5) and was wanting to know if it'd be possible for you to help. I am on the Tahyang sever as the elf/nuian race

Author — Jon Foster


Hey I accidently drop Gaffrion's Ring :( What should i do now please help me :(

Author — Burak Sönmez


Can you tell me how you are moving so fast?

Author — BlueCrazyMonkey


Leaving the first cave with the ring on or off wont give me the quest anyone run into this issue? just says i havent completed hands of fate .... even with the dream ring on :(

Author — ModMonk3y


Huh, how is this game ayin? I'm getting very strong GW2 vibes.

Author — Leshain


but where is the arcane soul? i cannot touch the sword because hand of fate not completed :[

Author — IshimuraX


8. specialized equipment i dont have ?? WHY

Author — tolgasyus


Did you put the mix inside your throat?

Author — M. D. P.


Q.Q i talked to the blacksmith but it didn't give me the item ._. and the quest is gone

Author — quisor36