HMS Tiger 1913

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This is my video for HMS Tiger (1913).

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I am working on narration and audio.

The sources I used for the video are.

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Always fond memories with HMS Tiger. I somehow won the lottery a few years ago with a girlfriend that was a legitimate naval history fan (and gorgeous). Tiger was her favourite ship, so many nights falling asleep together with Drachinifel's Drydocks on.

Author — Matt Blom


Hi Josh I wish you all the best in your videos, its not easy at first but keep at it and the slip ups will reduce. I wonder if it would help if you recorded this in sections rather than trying to do it in one? Keep up the good work

Author — Tango6nf


You can find a porthole from HMS Tiger built into a wall at T E Lawrence’s cottage at Clouds Hill in Dorset. Lawrence (of Arabia) got the porthole sent down to him in 1932 when Tiger was being broken up in Scotland. This was shortly before the motorbike crash that killed him.

Author — Fez Man


Cheers. Keep at it practice makes perfect. I hope you enjoyed yourself. It's always good to hear somone, doing their best.

Author — Leningrad Underground


Massive guns firing at many miles range, together with signal flags communication.

Author — Hazchem


Would you have sent the Iron Duke to the scrap yard and refitted the Tiger and had her of a four fast ship squadron, Hood Repulse Renown and Tiger, I will be interested on your opinion

Author — Stephen Richards


Good job! I recommend you talk a bit slower though, at the moment it is a bit difficult to process what you are saying. Good job!

Author — Somme1200