Snakefinger - There's No Justice In Life

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Song: There's No Justice In Life (2/10)
Album: Night of Desirable Objects (1987)
Artist: Snakefinger

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I covered this song with my band (now defunct), and when I asked the bass player to learn it I gave him a link to this video. His comment was something like "Wow, 5000 views, you sure know how to pick the hits!".

Nonetheless, he did learn the song and we played it fairly often. Although Snakefinger is basically forgotten today, his work and what he was trying to achieve on guitar is important and inspirational to me personally and I thank MrWzzzW and Youtube for making it available.

Author — bw0n6


This album SHOULD be broadcasted publicly, and as loud as possible!!!👹

Author — Chas Menear


What a marvelous guitarist.  I will always be grateful that a friend made me go, made me buy CDs at the show, and introduced me to the Residents, too.

Author — Rob McClain


This song could be 2 hours long, I would still listen to it.

Author — JCBigCat


sounds like an off-brand Oingo Boingo, it rocks anyways

Author — emmoerm


Sounds very similar to Richard Elfman from Oingo Boingo. It would've been amazing to hear a collab by these two.

Author — Isaac 88


I just wish the vocal tracks were more out front. Has anyone thought of tweaking the mixes and re-issuing these gems for future generations?

Author — Fishin Chickin


Hi, does anyone no the lyrics for this song?....

Author — MyThinkin


for me, much more accessable than greener postures

Author — Louise O'Shea