Stephen A. reacts to the Cowboys losing to the Bills | First Take

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Stephen A. reacts to the Cowboys losing to the Bills | First Take 5

Stephen A. Smith reacts to the Dallas Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day loss to the Buffalo Bills.
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Q: What's the difference between a dollar and the Dallas Cowboys?

A: A dollar is good for four quarters.

Author — James Slattery


Imagine being able to troll cowboys fans nearly everyday/week at work and get paid good money too?!😂

Author — Matthew Koehler


Will Cain: “The Cowboys are still a good team”
Cowboy Stephen A: “Well I done reckon your wrong and here is gosh darn why”

Author — Dragonballfan 25


The Bills dominated and delivered a gift for Thanksgiving, a Dallas loss.

Author — Ron Collier


The most enjoyable thing to see after a cowboy loss 😩

Author — G Bizzle


It’s amazing how everyone celebrates when the cowboys lose again
Really makes you think they never were
“America’s team”

Author — Michael Gorilla


SAS out here making a billion dollars for espn in just 7 minutes

Author — Curious Pug


Cowboys didnt have the skills to pay the Bills

Author — its mike13


He cracks me up everytime he brings out the hat

Author — MEEKFRM215


This man single handedly carrying ESPN

Author — sssloe


I guess ill be the only to give credit to the Bills, who were the better team.

Author — MrMomoneyz


Here's a crazy take: The Bills defense is amazing.

Author — Pizza Baratheon


I LOVE how much he trolls cowboys fans. It is too funny

Author — Goonersurex Rex


That intro will go down as one of Stephen As greatest moments.

Author — George


Stephen is turning espn into entertainment tv. He really needs stake in the company, he is keeping yall afloat for real. Lol

Author — GTFOH-


Jason Garrett:
Jerry Jones: You’ve yee’d your last haw.

Author — Dev'sAdvocate


Elliot has his money and knows he's not getting a ring, so why bother.

Author — allen fraser


They’re aren’t enough smiles to be had when the cowboys lose and Stephen a puts on that hat.

Author — Joshua Lerch


The Cowgirls are like the Spice Girls- haven't been relevant since the 90s 😂

Author — Rambo0784


Greatest intro I have ever seen. The Cowboys can’t even take care of their own Bills...

Author — PuppyTube