Top 3 Qualities of the Most Successful Sales Professionals

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Top 3 Qualities of the Most Successful Sales Professionals 5
Learn the top three qualities it takes to be the top sales professional in your industry. Did you know that the top 20% of sales people make up 80% of the sales? My discovery was that everyone who was in the top 20% started at the bottom 20%. Watch this video to see how you can grow into the top percentile.

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I'm terribly shy and an I decided to take a job as a door to door sales person...need to overcome my fear...💪💪💪💪💪Lord help me.

Author — Zinhle Sibisi


A Few weeks ago, I went through a major slump and our lead attorney told me, "you've become immune to your job." I had not closed a deal within a 10 day period. After watching two videos, I've closed $28k, then $26k the second week. I have alsdo closed a new client 12 out of 14 days. Really appreciate your videos.

Author — rippermcneal


1. Ambitious
2. Overcome fears
3. Make a total commitment to success.

Author — Tim R


Be in the 20% that leave a comment as requested and like the video... Putting me in the top 20% of the top 20%.

Author — Eden The DJ Guy - Perth Wedding's DJ


so helpful! just began my first canvassing job. I felt so bad to not have made quota yesterday, but that's my passion to succeed talking and now I just want to try again!

Author — Christine West


He's absolutely right about the "Go for No" rule. It is all about overcoming your fear of being told, "No!" or "I'm not interested." If you're scared of asking every person you approach, you don't bother asking them. The more people you speak with and ask, the more your odds are of getting a "Yes please!"

It really is a numbers game in cold calling, or retail sales in the High Street or mall. I'm going to go for this one on my next day in work. I don't mind thousands of "No!" of it gets me a big fat cheque at the end of the month. Small price to pay. I'm starting to love the idea of rejection. :) Thank you Brian.

Author — Saxon Rascal


Thanks a lot....
I'm going to do an Invitation and presentation everyday as a Networker at Direct Selling, starting from NOW

Author — محمد عبدالله


Going to take the "no" challenge.

Author — pR1MeYwL99


i will go for the no looking for the yes! i will Face my fears! and most important of them all, I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

Author — Chris.da.great


"Look. We all know we should save and invest."
"I say dance, you say daunce."

Author — Zachary Kalinowski


Got a sales interview literally in 10 mins!

Author — Marcellus Robinson


Brian. Having been In the field for almost 15 years, I concur that it is a balanced equation where no's = yes's. You are spot on and well placed.

Author — Bruce Smith


Thank you so much for the "go for the 'no'" tip! I have to call clients sometimes and I've always dreaded it. Now I look forward to seeing if I can win with those "no's!"

Author — Femina Ex Machina


i will apply rule 2
in my company

Max No Max Yes



Call 100 person to sell my service o them :) and collect no's as much as I can also collect yes's

Author — Ali El Maraghy


Look forward to the word No never thought I'd say that but after watching this made me change my mindset a little

Author — Nahalo Minier


I have followed you for a couple of years now and I have a great appreciation for your videos as well as your messages.

Author — Eric Whalen


Great video, I'm having an interview next week as sales Engineer and that helped a lot. thank you.

love this qoute, In order to get rid of fear, do the thing you fear, and the death of the fear is certain.

Author — eslam ezoo


I've started my job recently as a sales person, actually it's selling on the phone. I am really upset because I think it's a really cheap job because of these NOs and rejection, but I need this job, I need to be successful, so I'm going to do the no theory too. I have to face my fear, I have to enjoy this job and be happy, and be the best in my job and reach my goal and be a successful sales manager soon.
This video is made me to feel good again, it's not a bad job, I can make lots of progress. Thanks a lot.
I'm going to share you the result of NO theory, please guy share your experience.

Author — NM NM


I'll follow through my plan under any circumstances.

Author — Fil Ip