DIY TIE DYE SOAP - Easy Soap Making How To for Beginners

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In this DIY, learn how to make tie dye soap! This melt and pour soap making tutorial is perfect for beginners, because I go over a lot of basics. Check back next Crafty Friday for a new how to video from SoCraftastic. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe! Please & thanks. :)

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YAY! YAY! It finally finished processing!!! :] Normally, I wouldn't be this excited, because processing usually takes 30 minutes or so… but, today it took over 4 hours!! :/ Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! :)) The slime video will be up in a few days - I was having trouble processing that one as well & didn't want to post two videos in the same day. Darn it, YouTube! Get it together. :P

Author — SoCraftastic


"So mine were super easy to take out" as she struggles to push it out. LOL

Author — Orlando Rodriguez


I really like the tie dye stuff you've been making lately. Oh btw your cats adorable omg! :)

Author — rachel crawford


Perfect!! (: I'm glad this finished uploading, I know you worked hard on this 💜

Author — Sara K


Omg I love all of your videos and this one is SO cute♥ I always try to create them with my friends xD so ty for these videos. Just wanted to say that your videos are super appreciated :))

Author — Paige Elizabeth


They would look so cute sitting in the bathroom in a little dish lol. ❤️

Author — MadzVlogz


When you were chopping the soap into cubes all I could think was:" WOW she has perfect nails!"

Author — lauren u.


The pink and green flowers :) it would be cool to see some wedding diys

Author — Sasha Fitzgerald


*I love the large white bar of soap with blue and yellow colors in it :)*

Author — Ericka sky


hi. I couldn't help but notice how lovely your nails are and would just like to ask you if you could do a nail care routine please, Also I love how creative all your videos are

Author — my life as unique


I love how she said it was easy to get out but it took like 20 seconds!! Lol

Author — John Tran


I love the peace sign and flower white soap tie dye the best!

Author — olivia clark


they all came out so cute, now I want to try to make soap lol <3 awesome video

Author — Janae M.


I'm kinda scrolling around your videos then i saw this.. 18 minutes ago :O

Author — Onee~Chan


What will next weeks craft be, Sarah!!! You've almost done all of the crafts in existence!!

Author — Keira Davis


Love it! The red-blue bar looked great!

Author — Mirrorunlimited


So much fun! I have a few pretty soap molds I've been waiting to try!

Author — With Care, Laura


love the pink flower, with little bit red :)

Author — Synne Fosli


Could i use food coloring?? LOVED the vid! <3 love ya

Author — Tasnuva Ashraf Umama


I think it would be cool if you list the ingredients or supplies you use in the description bar of each video. Just a thought

Author — Dawna+3