Top 10 awkward moments from the G20 that will make you cringe

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Top 10 awkward moments from the G20 that will make you cringe 4
These are the top 10 awkward moments from this year's G20 summit of world leaders in Osaka, Japan.

Many key political figures were in attendance including Theresa May, Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin.

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Report by Louis Etemadi.

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How is the Justin being snubbed by the Brazilian President not on this list

Author — Baba Yaga


Okay. Having to hold an umbrella while it is raining is certainly not an awkward moment. 🙄
Now if the umbrella in question flies away and the person with it, now that might be an awkward situation for security. 🤪

Author — GothicalDarkAngel


What does Trump being in North Korea have to do with G20 moments?

Author — The Natural Human


Why is Trump meeting with Kim at the DMZ a cringe moment?!

Author — z0h


ivanka clip was probably the most cringe

Author — Nobody Cares


Theresa May: I hate you
Vladimir Putin: I know you do

Author — nick99


I feel sorry for Abe, his japanese gentleness prevents him from stopping kissed by Juncker

Author — Alexander Scherer


Well that was 3 minutes and 24 seconds of my life I will never get back. AKA Click bait

Author — J-me


The only cringe worthy thing in this video was the music/noise.

Author — Digdug30


Notice how the Trump family are most of these and that Truedope getting rejected by the Brazilian President wasn't? This is just more Propaganda that should be ignored.

Author — gundamcollector77


Macron bringing his grandmother to G20 summit.

Author — orhun20


You missed the real cringe-worthy moment when our prancing pony prime minister Justine Trudeau got snubbed by the Brazilian President. Now that was worth the price of admission alone.

Author — DCM8828


how was any of this cringe or awkward? they all seemed like normal, nice times and moments, this video is pointless

Author — Ryan Hutton


#5, #6, #7, #8 : during visited to SOUTH KOREA, not osaka G20

Author — 타카기마사오


trump is cool understanding char awesum boss he made history nk wit us

Author — Kumar Trendzz


Putin to Theresa May:
“That’s not happiness to see me.”

Author — Maria Felix


the hate filter does tend to skew perception,   such a shame

Author — Latina Deplorable


Proud Modi Ji no cringe worthy moment for him

Author — Zaid Khan


misleading title ... seems the creator of this video is merely jealous

Author — ToddiousMaximous


How is raining cringey I love the rain

Author — #make america great agin maga