Russia: Moscow Governor Vorobiev buys drugs in bid to catch dealers

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Governor of Moscow Region Andrei Vorobiev announced, Saturday, a huge drug bust that the Moscow region authorities had undertaken working with Federal Drug Control Service. After ordering the substances online, Vorobiev and the police were working to identify the suppliers.

SOT, Andrei Vorobiev, Moscow Region Governor (Russian): "In the message that I received, there was a link to a site where you can buy cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and other chemical substances. I used this message and ordered a portion of drugs from the online network with the help of police officers. We bought the portion for 20,000 roubles and after this, officers have worked with it."

SOT, Andrei Vorobiev, Moscow Regional Governor (Russian): "It could be good if the governor gets this kind of message, but when the teenagers of 12, 13 and 15 years old get it... at this age, you always want to try something new. This availability and temptation are very dangerous for our children. At this age, you always want to try something new."

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Marijuana should be the least of any government's problems across the world. But in some cases it is a gateway drug so I can see their concern in that regard.

Author — Animurh