The missing planet | The Incredible Adventures of the Hera mission

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Meet Hera, our very own asteroid detective. Together with two CubeSats – Milani the rock decoder and Juventas the radar visionary – Hera is off on an adventure to explore Didymos, a double asteroid system that is typical of the thousands that pose an impact risk to planet Earth.

Suitable for kids and adults alike, this episode tells the story of the discovery of asteroids, in ‘The Curious Case of the Missing Planet’. Astronomers in the 18th century were sure there was a planet in the wide gap between Mars and Jupiter – and even formed a group called the Celestial Police to find it. But eventually it became clear there was no single world out there, just lots and lots of little ones. Fast forward to today and more than a million asteroids have been discovered, and Hera will perform close-up detection on two of them.

Credit: ESA/Science Office


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Great Work! Videos like this one are Highlights of ESA PR-work!

Author — Robert Vogel


This is made soo damn well made! I loved watching this, keep up the great work! :D <3

Author — Hinonny


HERA e a aventura rochosa ...à descoberta de asteróides munida de ciência e tecnologia impressionantes!!

Author — Maria da Luz Moutinho


This is very interesting 👍 ! Thank you ESA

Author — Vic


Great mission. Would have preferred fewer cartoons/jokes/children's music and more information. Was also hoping this would be about the hypothetical planet X.

Author — Acasa Diirene


So nice Video how ever!!!
The Animated Videos are nice and funny 😄

Author — Ari Fünf


Isn’t Hera a follow up to the DART mission? Strange that this wasn’t mentioned.

Author — Manu


Dang! Flexing those big brain muscles to the Infographics Show? 😉
Seriously though, excellent work! 👍

Author — Ferderon Hurgeron


Let me guess, the two miniature satellite were named by the italian space agency

Author — Chip _18


Love the humor. Dust under "your" bed, hahaha

Author — Robert Jung


I love ESA. And NASA. And the Chinese initatives.

Author — Julian Jazz


Juventuas and Milani, I see what you did here ⚽️

Author — Sascha Becker


I too have discovered assteroids, but my doctor calls them Hemorrhoids !

Author — Bob Scott


Good video this mision wins Elon Musk's rocket

Author — Apollo16


Yes very interesting 🤔☺️, but why name this after a very jealous goddess?

Author — Cyan Kirkpatrick


Crazy random question: is that Olly Mann as narrator?

Author — Amy Dixon


You should get NASA to tag along with a mission. Try hitting one.

Author — Ray Kewin


Aren't we forgetting one aspect of this mission? The, err, "landing"

Author — Dougal Tolan