♫ Scottish Music - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) ♫ BEST VERSION

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  • ℹ️ Published 12 years ago

Scottish Music - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Original By The Proclaimers

Jim Malcolm & Darren Maclean - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles). The Story of the Scottish traditional music show.

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This makes me proud to be Scottish, and I'm not even Scottish.

Author — K Dub


As I write this, I sit next to my wife as she lies helpless in a Neuro ICU in Charlotte, NC. As an Ulster Scot, but a Scot nonetheless, I truly needed this song right now. Thank you from the depths of my soul.

Author — Andy Harrell


No matter what mood you are in, this song just puts you in the best

Author — brian cc


My late husband was a Scotsman and I am proud to have strong Scotch/Irish heritage too. He was adorable in his kilt outfit. How I loved that man!🖤

Author — linda handley


If this doesn't put a smile on your face... you need to walk 500 more miles.

Author — rocknroller1986


The Proclaimers created a gem of a song……it’s 2021 and EVERYONE is still singing this amazing song!

Author — Gigi Jones


Es la primera vez que escucho este dúo y esta canción, muy bonita música dan ganas de bailar 😁😁😁

Author — Cecilia Luján


I saw The Proclaimers sing this at Edinburgh Castle in front of a home crowd last year. Trust me. That was the best version.

Author — Catu11u5


When you're Indian but you're singing the song in Scottish accent in your head

Author — Sayantan Paul


The best part of not being born in Scotland is being able to tecognize how truly beautiful the Scottish accents are and not have worry if you are being narcissistic . Nobody handles the English language more beautifully than a Scot.

Author — Dehzee


I love the self confidence of the young man in this duo, that smile is wonderful!!

Author — Deb Pansier


Si quiero alegrarme mi día solo tengo que escuchar esta canción ! Es preciosa!. Que voces!😘👌🏻👏🏻💯😃el que escucha esta canción tiene buen gusto!

Author — Carmen Velasquez


Very beautiful
This is what real cultural enrichment looks like

Author — Bill Meyer


omg i love yall! i wish i could say i have Scottish bloodline only little Irish but yall r amazing I love Celtics period

Author — Destiny Powers


BRILLIANT SONG--never grows old never sounds dated or stale and always brings a gleam to your eye.

Author — Armando Cardona


I generally don't like live versions of songs i love, especially sung by someone else. But this was wonderful.

Author — morganandwong


As an American Scotsman this song touches a part of my heart and soul that bagpipe music touches. I am proud of my Scottish heritage and me and my children went to Scotland in 2006 and I have never met a more welcoming, warm, and generous people.

Author — Eric brett


Having grown up in Canada with a mother who was from Glasgow, it has always eluded me to pick up a Scottish accent. This is one of my favourite songs and now I know why:))

Author — Irene Skulmoski


Give them (The Scots!) their due, the are a strange race, but they have given the world so much for a small nation and their self pride is very much deserved and admired by us all 💪👍

Author — Pamberi ne Hondo


I love this song and this is a fantastic rendition of it!

Author — Lady Beltane Sage Carla