Top funny commercials 2013

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evian. It's naive spelled backwards. As in, you'd have to be pretty naive to spend that much money for water.

Автор — Chris P


Is it just me, or the Volvos are driving backward??

Автор — XGamer [CRO]


Only the "Planet Fitness"one was funny to be honest.

Автор — LT Jardiolin


1:08 So are we just gonna act like he didn't scrape past that Mercedes?

Автор — Lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The second the Enya music started playing in the background of the commercial at 1:50 I lost it.

Автор — HEIRconditioning


lol at 1:09 if u look closely the smart hit the other mercedes

Автор — Patrick V


Jean Claude Van Dam still making money of being a Ballet Dancer.

Автор — Justin Clark


who decided these were the funniest????

Автор — Real Night Wolf


1:08 driver is a complete dumb...hitting the Mercedes and also the sidewalk.

Автор — Isaac Orlich


Am I the only one that prefers the girl sitting down in the first scene over the stick skinny girls?

Автор — Queef Micester


at 1:09 he has touched the mercedes xP

Автор — HideAndSeekChampion


the trucks aren't moving at all the wheels aren't even moving 😂

Автор — Khadi Thompson


the music at 2:22 was the lullaby i listened to as a little kid... c:

Автор — Lilly Ennis


the split commercial was great i mean beautiful

Автор — Nitara Henry


The first one though...too many "hots" I think I'm going to faint!

Автор — Gacha Zoe


I found not one of these even remotely funny.

Автор — Usernameinvalid16


Why do television commercials these days rely on absurd humor?
I understand the need to get an audience's attention, but what happened? This trend seemed to really kick off during the early to mid 2000's. 

Television commercials - regardless of the product. Beer to chips, to clothes, to websites - all use absurd "humor" in their commercials to get the attention of people watching. Think like Superbowl commercials but scaled back. 

I was watching 80s and 90s commercials on YouTube and one thing that immediately stuck out to me was the respectability that commercials had when selling products. Basic, fun-loving, hearty and to the point. Non-distracting. 

Commercials these days, though, are so absurd and so distracting, that it often takes me 8, 9 times to watch a commercial before I consciously realize what's being sold in that commercial. Why did advertisers ditch the traditional, fun-loving, basic, respectable, non-random commercials in exchange for this strange theme of commercials we now have that are overly-humorous. Completely random and irrelevant, and distracting. Is it because our attention spans have shortened since?

Автор — SevenFoot Pelican


I gotta say I only watched for the first one

Автор — Dan Barton


3:21 well looks like you can't have sex.

Автор — The Gaming Mack V


Planet fitness, we're not a for all the weights and cardio equipment.

Автор — Super Kyle