Syrian War Report – Nov. 1, 2018: SDF Halts Operation Against ISIS Because Of Turkish Attacks

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Syrian War Report – Nov. 1, 2018: SDF Halts Operation Against ISIS Because Of Turkish Attacks 5

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Author — South Front


Russia is trying to make SAA strong enough to protect its air and fight against any aggressor who is illegally there like Turkey and US ... After idlib liberation they will be on their own ... and if they were able to kick out all these forces of evil it will surprise the entire arab and they will become #1 Arab army

Author — Y- Fi


Air peace is the good news. Next step forget Idlib and eliminate Isis. Al safa then haijin. Cross the river and deny US pretext. Then do constitutional review and deal with the Kurdish humanity. Then Idlib.

Author — BAADA


Now the Kurds are facing multiple fronts.Now you know how the Saa was going trough!

Author — Leny 1777


That volcanic terrain in al safa is also a contributing factor

Author — Brasstard 7.62


ISIS has already reached the Iraqi Border actually. Iraq started shelling them with artillery.

Author — Belko


The fact that the US base in the south is located next to a pocket of ISIS tells me a lot. The US said a month back that they won't leave until ISIS and Iran are out of the country. They are using all reasons to be there.

Author — United we stand divided we fall


"When your enemy is doing a mistake let them continue" . Bye Bye Turkey

Author — Justice Defender


©™ TMALX Transnational 🌏 Militant 💥 Armed 🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍

US UK Turkey France out of Syria!!
Assad and SAA Russia Hizbullah IRGC Chinese Tigers can finish this on their own.

Author — ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive


God Bless Holy Russia Victory Triumph Justice Patience

Author — nicola facciolini


Syrian and Iran, be ready to war your enemy is coming to your soil. Goodluck.!

Author — Orlando Jr Bangayan


az kaldı cop torbalarını hazırlayın...

Author — murat uludag


Fall of Raqqa: The secret deal - SDF/YPG/PKK and ISIS are Brothers this is FACT !

Author — Sugardaddy


Took Russia just 2 years to wipe out ISIS and Al nusra in Syria (west of Euphrates) and US is in Afghanistan from last 15 years with no success, not to mention ISIS with all those advanced military grade weapons is way powerful than Al Qaeda and taliban combined. So what can you expect from US backed SDF? US can easily wipe out all terrorism from both Afghanistan and Syria but they won't as they need a reason to keep their army base

Author — RatherA


Just nuke the whole place. Itll be easier to restart afterwards than to save this shit show.

Author — John Doe


we törk trolls löve isis stronkest körd!

Author — Lada Riva


Russia is back to Mediterranean" extreamly good news" well come back to Mediterranean"

Author — abdul haleem


Syrian Kurds should take the advice of Nassrullaah and join the Syrian Government in combating foreign presence, especially that of the Americans.

Author — Mohammad Doofesh


Only a matter of time before Israel gives it a try. I hope it's embarrassing for them.

Author — tnix88


Now Hajin can be liberated by its real owner (Syria), not those american backed forces

Author — Vasiliy Antonov Elşәn Bәy