Star Citizen 3.0 [GTX 1070 i7 6700K 8gb RAM]

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Low fps is due to crowded server. Currently stress testing the game with 50 player servers.

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you need more ram, I use 16Gb and when playing its using like 12Gb



I have a similar spec pc. Has the frame rate improved since then?

Author — n8te Bit


It's the RAM people, star citizen eats ram for breakfast, dinner, tea, and supper, constantly. 16Gb MINIMUM. 32Gb for optimal stutter free gameplay. Sadly.



This video totally made my day. I spent all day deciding whether or not to get a 1070 with my new pc (i7 7700K, 16gb ram) or something else and ended up not putting the order through until I looked at some SC videos of it.

Given how freaking nice it looks and knowing this is before the AH patch I'm just totally stoked. Putting the order through tomorrow! Cheers dude!

Author — Me Cooper


Of 1000+ dollars worth of ships you picked the only ship i own :)

1070 here too

Author — Kava77


the game is literally unplayable for me. I've got a gtx 1080, i7 7700k and 8gb ddr4 ram. I'm getting between 10 and 15 fps, fucking unacceptable

Author — Renegade Guy


dude thats nothing I couldn't get out of the room 0.0 fps to 0.7 I just realised my gpu wasn't just carrying my cpu it was carrying my ram as well cause it turned out it was ddr2 I wonder how on nearly gpu power alone I managed to even run 2.6 on 20fps in uni, 35-45 in A18 and 120fps in the hangar.

I am planning on an asus a320m k cause they upgradable as hell and can manage 32gb ddr4 up to 3000+ mhz and an am4+ I found the ryzen cpu's seem to double as graphics so I don't really need a new one beside my current would surfice cause it's being capped on this current build but on the new one it should work fine to it's max capacity.

i'm also gonna get a hybrid state ssd from seagate (1tb) while part of my reason are upgradeability and needing it all for 3d modeling and animation (not that it can't already handle that damn well)

but I wanna use it for streaming and i'm sick of not being able to play SC when I had upgraded to a freelancer in dec 2016 practically a year later I can't play unless I upgrade,

as a bonus though I should be able to max out on black desert online once I got all the components though lately it seemingly has been having network issues for many players and lags even if you face in the direction of player I think due to BDO's detail nearing that of SC's

it needs to have the same modular rendering method at least just for the char models as you don't need to render other players if they're on the other side of a building that just waist's gpu power not that I know what their rendering methods are but if not that then the network code broke when they updated it may even be because of memory leak.

what I do is I don't overclock my current gpu in my build as it's an old pc set up but the software for the card allows me to increase the power limiter for the gpu to +20 and that does help a bit when in crowds but the framerates still drop when I face masses of people overlapping at the market (sort of like they do in runescape but with more lag and players)

and thats me picking one of the least crowded servers lot of high end games that are also mmo's and have in depth creations and customisation e.g. BDO, Star Citizen and the notorious game APB Reloaded known well for it's bad optimisation on both it's server network and the engines themselves.

the only one that hasn't suffered these since at least it's 19th patch is warframe and now even with open world with my dated hardware my gpu can run it on max setting at around avr 58fps while using amd's low cpu cost dvr (re-live) to stream in the open world of eidelon.

so it makes me question what are the owners of the modernised quake engine doing right after all another game Planet Side 2 didn't optimise until a year or so bacfk which now I can play on ultra settings but sadly much too late as it's main hype days are numbered and large scale battles are seemingly rare on the eu server.

another good example of a badly optimised game (which actually melted my old psu) is a now dead game called everquest next landmark in which it's alpha it's frames were just as low as sc now for most lower end pc's in which made worst that cause you could run so fast every 20 meters you'd hit a point where the ground wasn't render

in which case you either fell through the floor and ended up in a random cave miles below or got stuck there till it loaded in and more often than not the game crashed after I got the psu upgrade though...

I haddecided to upgrade to 8gb ram and it helped greatly then the moment open beta starts there were that many plots of land claimed with various detail voxel structures that once again I couldn't play and that was before I bumped into someone.

Author — Dr. A.I. Kryptanical


low fps due to crowded server?hahaha.its the ram...

Author — SuperFordragon


Why fps so low? I have the almost same system, I was thinking redownload the game but whoa. Still low fpa

Author — Mvrat


I'm not trying to sound mean, but seriously you shiuld get an ssd. I just ordered the mushkin source with 500gb storage for $100. Itshould help decrease your load times, because it took a few, minutes for you to load in.

Author — Daniel G.


O my I was thinking about buying a gtx 1070 for the game but my gtx 680 get the same FPS

Author — Courtney Mabry


the low fps is not from the gtx 1070 its from the cpu not good enough

Author — Zombakias_p


10 fps with a 1070... what a joke this game is.

Author — Q.PLAYS


I can't even enter the PU. Game just crashes after 10 mintues of loading.
Just how do you run it with 8GB? I must know

Author — Mori Dahan


would switching to 16 gigs of ram benefit my star citizen 3.1 experience? bcuz I cant play at all and i have 8 gigs of ram, but the ram seems to be mostly the only issue, loading screen takes forever and the game runs at 0.4 fps :(

Author — Silent Hawk


Ok wel i cant play the game there are so many lags that it is just unplayeble for me end its not my wifi

Author — degamegang


I'm sure that the minimum requirement for RAM is 16GB. That might be why it runs slowly with a 1070.

Author — Alexander Barron