Donald Trump Calls Kim Jong Un A 'Sick Puppy' | The Daily Show

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Donald Trump Calls Kim Jong Un A 'Sick Puppy' | The Daily Show 5

Donald Trump seemed very happy about the GOP tax bill at a recent campaign rally. Even though he claimed that it would cost him a fortune and make his very wealthy friends unhappy.

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"No ten-month President has ever accomplished what we have..."

He's right. _Most_ Presidents by now would have accomplished _something._

Author — VelociFaptor


"There has never been a ten month president who accomplished what we have accomplished "
Yeah, you can definitely say that. No ten month president that I know of has managed to screw up practically everything that he's supposed to do.
Also, I love how he uses "we" when referring to himself.

Author — germaniclad 2464


"I don't care anymore..'

S'ok.. Mueller still does.

Author — New Message


He's like a six year old trying to impress the four year while the adults are facepalming eachother because they can't slap sense into kids anymore

Author — Robert Rijkers


If churches can endorse candidates they can pay taxes

Author — Ain't tinfoil hat brigade


"so your friends are rich and stupid" sick burn lol

Author — Aarchita Sharma


Joking aside..that is a typical example of pre senile dementia...the inability to stay focused on a subject and to repeat oneself..

Author — D Mack


When you subtract his golf time he's a ten month president

Author — GuardianM25


Declaring a fetus a person is actually an intriguing issue, I'm going to have to ask some medical experts before I even try forming my own opinion.

Author — DJ Wise Pariah


Well, seeing he combined "this is going to cost me a fortune" about the tax bill and "believe me", so another confirmed falsehood left his vocal cords.

Author — Siegaplays


His friends are rich and stupid. He's president and doesn't care. Sounds like a sick old dog to me.

Author — Lumby1


been laughing so hard for the last 10 months and I also have a strange complusion to eat tangerines.

Author — John H*


Euuchh, dont you lot have that seperation of church and state overthere? Thats pretty much democracy 1.01 ?

Author — J Biafra


"Yes, yes! You like that don't you? Gimme that little rocket man.... uummmm... you sick puppy!!"

Author — Jim Morgan


They should really make a remix of Look at what you made me do - do do do, that will be the new 2018 jam ! Trevor, you are a genius !

Author — amcrazykid


How can America stand such a bald-faced liar? He aught to be howled down faster than Mussolini in the mid-day Sun, c.1945.

Author — Stephen Faust


Wasn't "make America great again" also Ronald Reagan's slogan???

Author — aliuzy


Why are all of Trevors vids coming from CC UK now instead of the normal CC?

Author — Dr.Crouch


A sick puppy?
It takes one to know one

Author — TheZKarenz


*Make America Great Again, you never heard that expression*
Ronald Reagan and Steven Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengence.

Author — Renegade2786