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History of London 5

A brief introduction to the complicated evolution of the historic city of London. Here, Peter Murray explains the development of the capital, from its inception 2,000 years ago with the Roman settlement on the Thames to its role as a major trading city and establishment of seat of British government, and discusses particular challenges it has faced, including the Great Fire of 1666, the onslaught of the Blitz in World War II, and the expansion of the city.

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Yep I am now home schooled and the history of London is my hw

Author — Danish Chaudhry


Love this! I'm American-born but London & UK always feel more like home to me.

Author — Iahel Cathartes Aura


credits to the recording definitely HD amazing use of the pixels

Author — Sena Lai-Fujiwara


Great video! Is there a name of the map shown at 2:08 of the standard building design? If not, any idea where to find it?

Author — Amy Williams


Perhaps 1000 years was added to the calendar as some have stated and the great fire happened in the year 666?

Author — Harvey Wallbanger


I'm here due to the fact that for Christmas my family got a trip to London and Paris, however my parents decided to cancel it because of me not being educated enough to appreciate the historical sights, so here I am educating myself so I can prove a point.

Author — Sonia M


This really helped a lot with my homework 📚!!! Thx! 😃

Author — Jo Price


They are gonna have to make an update video about what corona did to london lol

Author — Liam McCrae


Anyone else quarantined and homeschooled

Author — Juliana Dogbe


Curiously, the narrator evades the invasion of immigration to make London what it was and contrast what it is today.
London was poorer than most cities from the start it was clear. But immigrants changed its face, not just from abroad, but the hardworking Northerners of England. The great industrialization plays a huge part in the changed face of London as well.

The be fair, there is so much one can write about London. And despite its turmoil and varied plus sordid past, it still is one of, if not, the greatest cities in the world.
Having said that, I would defy anyone to say that it is hindsight which made London.
Although we may have overused that noun in recent times.

Author — rich Mck


Are we infested or did we infest this earth

Author — Under Review


How is thier language English if the Romans in charge

Author — Regil Tube


Si t'es là c'est psk tu regardes cette video en anglais, nan? ;)

Author — Starshii


Built from stolen money of Bengal and Delhi.

Author — Robin Ehsan


how lcan going here lwant learning speaking ENGLISH

Author — mohamed kosar