Coffee Shop Sounds for Study and Concentration

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Listen to real 3d sounds of a coffee shop cafe in the morning. These a great ambience sounds for sleep, study, white noise, concentration, focus, and anxiety. I always seem to work the best on my laptop from a local Starbucks or any other coffee shop. I wanted to do a recording to hopefully recreate that atmosphere. Sadly, I couldn't bring the amazing smell of coffee.

0:00 Yomoti - Restless Minds
2:09 Guustavv - Espresso
4:21 Henyao - Coffee and Unicorns
6:55 Ocean Jams - Float
7:03 Da Tooby - Jay Troit
10:19 Frook - Linen
12:42 Justnormal - Stuck To
14:49 Guustavv - Killimanjaro
17:04 Justnormal - Park Bench
19:13 Justnormal Le Etude
21:14 Yomoti - Nebula
23:14 Christian Nanzell - Always Raining

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Everything in the video is filmed and recorded on location.

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Is the guy who ordered a "cold brew with nothing in it but 18 shots of espresso" at 4:29:50 doing okay?

Author — Amy L


why the hell do i pause this when i stand up to get something

not like i'd miss anything lmao

Author — Axyte


Quarantine got me missing studying in the coffee shop

Author — Zoe Borja


It feels very wired that I needed people's voices in order to be able to work and finish my writing during quarantine. Thank you very much for uploading such sounds! I never knew that this would be my savior during this stressful time.

Author — Tano


I spent a week kicking people. They needed it. 4:28:32

Author — Valentin Sushkov


"The beatings will continue until morale improves" lol

Author — Allyson Curtis


i <3 the barista who keeps telling people to "have a good one, okay?" she makes me feel safe

Author — phil wolf


shout out to the guy at 1:12:50 saying YEET like it's 2017, when life was normal and great

Author — charles tremblay


"No I just spent a week kicking people. They needed it."

Damn what a barbaric human being LOL.

Author — Alyssa Jones


I think no other café sounds audio can ever beat this one. I've been listening to it every time i try to focus for like a year. Very comfortable and sets the mood.

Author — Hiba Hasan


Day 14 listening to this clip. This guy is still kicking people.

Author — ladyinthelocker


1:24:49 never thought when i pressed on this video that i would be getting tips on sword fighting

Author — jimothy bobert the 3rd


i used to work at Starbucks, automatically knew this was recorded in one once i heard the ice scoops/door, blenders, and food order call outs ... its so odd how i realized i really kinda miss being present with those sounds around.

Author — Alyssa Rae


This is the perfect background sound while I am writing. I miss my daily visits to the coffee shop!

Author — Kristie Worthey


Like if you are using this to simulate indirect human contact during the COVID-19 pandemic

Author — Smug Boogiepop


I never got into café ambience before but I love this for how real it is! The conversations, coffee machines, blenders, cutlery, the occasional stuff falling over and all. It feels like I'm there while working in my office. Thank you!

Author — The Kraken's Mark


Once lockdown is over I'm gonna go to a coffee shop and listen to *PEACEFUL* *HOME* *sounds* *for* *study* *and* *concentration*

Author — Veronika


0:08 "The beatings will continue until morale improves." Love it

Author — amishmike1


For real, this gives me the illusion of sitting somewhere else and not in my room since 2 months straight, trying to write my bachelor thesis. I'm literally watching this everyday. Anyone who can relate?

Author — Leona CL


*Chair knocks back*
Guy: "oww!"
Girl: "DON'T."

Author — Shantastically Shanny