Alien Worlds Beneath Our Feet: Dr. Penelope Boston on Caves

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Alien Worlds Beneath Our Feet: Dr. Penelope Boston on Caves 4.5

During a visit to Perimeter Institute to deliver a sold-out public lecture, Dr. Penelope Boston sat down to explain why she explores caves, what cave life might tell us about life elsewhere in the universe, and how it feels to emerge after five days in a toxic underground world. Dr. Boston is Director of the Cave and Karst Studies Program and Professor in the Earth & Environmental Sciences Department at the New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, in Socorro, NM. Boston is also Associate Director of the National Cave and Karst Research Institute in Carlsbad, NM.

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If the 'aliens' live beneath our feet on Earth, wouldn't they be earthlings like us?

Author — The_Grapeman


Those massive caves fascinate me.  I've never had a chance to explore anything that big, but it must feel like another world.

Author — The Gentleman Physicist


Hmmm in a way caves are 10x safer than the average house built today and less danger from mother nature unless its within the cave but protected from the outside world 🌎 i could see how i can turn a cave into a luxury home lol 🏡 with the right tools of course

Author — Z Luv


Six days underground - one spent exploring and the other five digging a latrine?

Author — Ivan Sanders


An could be an underground forest. Earth as a Honeycomb; a catacombs of realms

Author — Mike in Halifax


Aliens have been living under ground in many parts of the world for millions of years

Author — Maria W


People who enjoyed this will also enjoy Robert Macfarlane's excellent book 'Underland'

Author — Ian Dalziel


Underground civilizations are a common trope throughout cultures world-wide, makes you wonder... I also hate how the word "alien" is always used in the wrong context now. If people exist under the Earth, they wouldn't be aliens, they would just be another form of life on Earth.

Author — DrewPicklesTheDark