How to Eat a Century Egg

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How to Eat a Century Egg 5
A Century Egg, a duck egg that has been cured with an alkaline mixture of mud until it congeals into a dark very pungent smelling condiment. Sounds delicious, no? It is actually, if eaten properly. Join me as I share how I grew up eating pidan (Century/Thousand-Year-Old Egg) on Emmymade in Japan. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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The way you speak and carry yourself is beautiful.

Author — Jay K


Forget the egg, I want to know how to make the soup/porridge!

Author — R. K.


Ironically, most of the people in the comments section being bloody rude about how awful this egg and porridge thing is probably have a pantry full of spray-on cheese and dollar store pop-tarts. js. If we want to talk about gross food choices.

Author — Tilly Divine


Who’s here after Emmy’s recent century egg video? 😀

Author — Starving Artist


I thought she was Japanese American lol



For all the rude people "wtf'-ing on the century egg... do you even realize how disgusting some western food must be to someone non-familiar? Joghurt and Cheese is just bacteria- or fungus-infested milk, with the latter rotting around in agony for sonetimes way longer than these eggs are. Salami and ham is old, dry meat with mold growing on it. Beer is upset hop stock. Sausage is blended meats stuffed in an animal's gut. So please... be a little nicer and don't assume that just because you grew up eating it, it's not gross.
Edit: I made a huge mistake. I am really sorry to have stirred up the peace of YouTube comment sections, for your collective genius has taught me a lesson. As all you very smart people pointed out, the correct spelling is of course "Yoghurt". I apologize.

Author — hunter's lily


The comments section:
45% People talking about the egg in a positive light
40% People getting mad at "haters"
10% People calling Emmy Beautiful/Noodles
4% "Oh shit youre not from japan??
1% People actually hating on egg

Author — IndustrialGoose


This video reminded me that there's a reason why this egg was made. It's just that 90 % of videos on youtube are just people saying "it's disgusting" and just stuffing it in their mouth. I never thought of "the right way" to eat it. This video is very insightful.

Author — William Stephens


I think the color of the egg "white" is a very lovely color. The color of the light passing through it reminds me of a nice Irish Breakfast Tea (my favorite). That dark amber color is, again, quite lovely.

Edit: ah you called it as a tea color too.

Author — General Obi Wan Kenobi


I truthfully wanna taste this dish made by someone that knows what they are doing.

Author — Shari Gill


I grew up on a farm in a very small village eating steak and potatoes most of the time. But for some reason ended up an adventurous eater. Guess I just wanted more ... variety. Anyway, I moved to a larger city and worked in a hotel with a large percentage of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese employees. We were ordering food in one day and I saw Century Egg on the menu. Decided to order it and they all looked at me like I had 2 heads, asking if I had every tried it. I replied nope. After the food arrived, they all looked at me very closely as I ate it. I basically just ate the egg like Emmy said not to. Was not bad at all. Definitely had a strong cheese vibe. I have had goat cheeses which were MUCH MUCH Worse than a century egg. They were quite shocked I liked it. Having held no preconceptions about it, may have made it easier.... Don't know. It was just an odd egg to me. Which turned out to be a good experience.

Author — Neurotic Jester


Lol I legit thought you were going to say ammonia smells like pee, not windex >.<

Author — Tuscani J


As an American I tried century egg. I love the Asian market. I find new things from different cultures and I incorporate them into my cooking. I love taking century eggs to camping trips and see who will try it. On it's own not great, with broth and rice I like it.

Author — Southtacomamook


I tried a century egg once when I was in China. It was served in small pieces with a bit of soy sauce, as a little side dish. I thought it was a bit weird but surprisingly edible, somewhat enjoyable even. But to be honest it's not something I'd look to have again.
Glad I tried it though. At least now I know that it's not the revolting vomit-inducing horror from beyond hell that some YouTubers make it out to be.

Author — jaydy71


I love this girl... And she has such a pleasant and polite dispostion

Author — Jonathon Rotti


I never knew ppl didn’t like to eat it straight up. when I wasn’t vegan yet, I usually snacked on century eggs dipped in a bit of soy sauce and loved the taste 💁🏽‍♀️

Author — GinnytheWeasley


Dang! You look like an anime character!

Author — Zack 99


What vexes me is how it’s edible. 🤔
You’d think it’d be rancid and make you sick just with the process it goes through to get to that state.

Very interesting!

Author — KennaIsAtlas


I tasted one of these in a Cinese restaurant yesterday evening, I had been curious for years and it was great to have a chance. Theu served it sliced up with some soy sauce and rice vinegar. It was basically a slightly strong-flavoured hard-boiled egg. I really liked it! Would love to try it prepared like this - thanks for the recipe.

Author — Daniel Clarke


I don't understand the hate. Americans eat hot dogs, a lot of people in other countries find that disgusting. it's HER culture. don't knock it till you try it. I'm Jamaican American and we eat oxtails. it's all cultural differences. American culture isn't the default culture, or the most "normal" you guys should stop being ignorant about something you've never tried.

Author — Zenavah King