Avengers: Endgame (2019) - ''A Valiant Effort'' | Movie Clip HD

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Avengers: Endgame (2019) - ''A Valiant Effort'' | Movie Clip HD 5

#AvengersEndgame (2019) - "A Valiant Effort" | Movie Clip HD
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💬 Comments on the video

I like how Thor is genuinely stoked that Cap is worthy to wield Mjolnir.

Author — Nate Edwards


I wonder how Thor would have done against Thanos if he was still in shape like in Infinity War.

Author — Joshua Davidson


Can we just talk about how cap looks like he’s used that hammer is entire life? He’s a natural with it!

Author — The Proto


The moment Steve grabbed the hammer, the world came together and stood and cheered.

Author — Tim Maloney


The theater lost their shit when that hammer 🔨 went flying. Man, those were the good ol’ days huh? 2019 baby!!!! 🔥

Author — Rogobono


Fun fact: Steve is the only one in the entire MCU who has comboed thanos 12 hits without being hit back.

Author — Joel Miller


Thanos really just kicked the shit out of them with no infinity stones

Author — ArcTitan


Thanos: ffs why is everybody going for my head?

Author — mabinuqi


Why didn't Thor fly into the air and shoot lightning strikes at Thanos. He has long range attacks but acts like the Hulk. 🤣

Author — erzan


The Hulk should of gotten his rematch With Thanos right here.... sad it didn’t happen.... damn it MCU

Author — RoyalZarak


Who else thought about Thor’s face when cap nearly picked it up in age of ultron?

Author — Samuelo


No one here who is gonna talk about how thanos just casually made his blade reapear in his hand after trying to kill Thor with stormbringer?

Author — Jona voll


Tony never uses his greatest weapon against thanos... Flight

Author — Famoz Fam


If anyone was wondering how Thanos (& Groot) was able to wield Stormbreaker, it's because there's no enchantment on it like Mjolnir has.

Author — Tim Possible


And this is why Thanos was so damn badass; he adjusted his strategy, mid-fight and used Caps battle tactics against him- quick strikes, body blows meant to wear an opponent down- while rendering one if Caps weapons in attack and defense almost useless. MCU did a damn good job in crafting this character in full

Author — Dev Robinson


I think they made Thor fat so he couldn’t beat thanos’s ass

Author — Mason Mason


"If we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn sure we'll Avenge it" RIP Iron Man

Author — Isaiah Watkins


So we not gonna talk about how even with all the different weapons, including Cap wielding Mjolnir, the big 3 still didn't stand a chance against Thanos? Who by the way didn't have a single stone in this fight.

Author — Rene May


When you kick your friends in the face to make them shut up 1:14

Author — Isha


1:30 Damn I just realized Cap broke parts of Thano’s helmet that’s why he had to take it off

Author — Shyhiem James