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Anand, Viswanathan (2751) - Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime (2750)
B52 Sicilian, Canal-Sokolsky attack, Sokolsky variation

00:00 Hello Everyone!
01:00 Game Starts!
03:00 Completely New Game!
09:20 Pause the video!
13:00 It Was In This Position
15:40 Contributions

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💬 Comments

Vishy showing why he was world champion for 5 times !! So inspirational now that we have a very strong young generation in India !! Kudos to him !! and yeah VishyOP guys :)

Author — Sai Kiran


Anand is the Modern day Korchnoi, Phenomenal player. When Kasparov said you can't swim in the same river twice The tiger of Chennai proved him otherwise 🙌

Author — Mbm


It's just inspiring to see anand just participate in these even with all these candidates
But winning over them at 52 is totally on a different level

Author — ssmb


MVL games rock, even when he does not win! Always asymmetrical, always unbalanced. Love it !

Author — Rick Harold


Anand's.figure has been a little shadowed by Carlsen's long reign, but he is a true master of the game and a member of the very select club of world champions. And playing classical chess at this level being over 50…it's unbelievable!

Author — Josep Andreu


Anand did play very precise on all of MVL's errors. He played the end of the middle game to the ending like a computer!

Author — Rick Price


It is fascinating to speculate how Vishy would get on if he were in the Candidates. I'm sure he would not want the hassle but he seems capable of performing at the top level. I think people had assumed that Like Hikaru, he was more of less finished with top competition but it seems that class will prevail!

Author — Keith Matthews


11:33 that knight trap was amazing. Excellent game!

Yes, we loved the extra fun at the end too.

Author — Xeth Nyrrow


Anand should keep playing top tier tournaments. It is most enjoyable and he clearly is up to the task

Author — Gustavo Bourguignon


Antonio, I would like to say that I'm very thankful for your channel. No other channel even comes close to the depth of analysis, the memey "sorry bout that" and quality and frequency of the production in general. I hope you can keep this up for years to come, regards from a 1600 player desperately trying to be better. Your video's have been extremely helpful ❤️

Author — E S


Vishy is forever special for India ❤️ he's inspiration for many...many...many...

Author — I'm ashu


That knight sacrifice offer was a typical Vishy brilliance!

Author — Real Life Dude Bros


MVL actually played a good game!!! It's insane HOW strong Anand is, even at this age! What a great veteran, a true World Champion

Author — Krislaps Porzmingis


Old good days are coming back when Agad used to cover Ananad games during 2017-19.

Author — Soumyajit Roy


I love that we see Anand play not only Blitz but also Classical chess again 🙏

Author — Flora


I just love agadmator's explanations: This tournament has no draws and it's better to win. Even if you draw classical, it's better to win at least armageddon xD

Author — Dominik Car


anand even at the age of 52 is so sharp and brilliant...he is truly a legend....vishy op

Author — Aditya Tiwari


I see Anand plays a variation inspired by the queen's gambit series just like me. Great minds think alike indeed 🤪

Author — Adolf Adolph


Thanks for that “extra fun”. That was cool. And I love how this guy ALWAYS covers all of my questions. My, “Yeah but what about x line \ move?!” Guy is very thorough.

Author — Nathan Harrison


That rook c7 move was absolutely stunning. Not only keeping Maximes king from entering the game, but also only leave f7 available for his knight. Excellent game from both of them.

Author — Frozen Horse