Kayak Designs Explained

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Kayak Designs Explained 4.5
In this video, I briefly touch on the various kayak design aspects. Primarily focussing on how different designs affect stability, maneuverability and speed.

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Fantastic explanation. I've been digging around all day trying to learn more about design, but I think I learned more in this video than I did all the others! I appreciate the fact that you explain it in a clear manner where everyone can understand, no matter what level in kayaking they are! Kudos.

Author — Yakkelberry


Some great information here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Author — Scott Meacham


I kept on looking at that boat you have in front of you and wondered why it was shaped so strange. Then I noticed the fact that you are using a wide angle lens on your camera. Boy that really played with my mind for a while....

Author — TheOldManEric


Thanks for your informed discussion of fluid dynamics on kayaks! I don't have one but am considering getting one soon!

Author — JW Rhyne Jr.


Man you are killin it on instructionals lately . Very clear and concise. I am digging the River Guide Series too.

Author — Practical Outdoorist


great video. i agree with the cheap plastics on the box store brands. i did start out on those however and they helped me fall in love with kayaking. do you ever have any problems with maneuvering a 14ft kayak down rivers such as the yadkin. im still learning alot when im out for sure and still get stuck in tight spots with an 11ft loon. Great videos really enjoy them.

Author — the wonderingelectrician


Great break down on the kayaks so much out there and most people don't have a clue to what they are selling I always say find a good shop or two see what they have and see if they have demo days most good shops do or have boats to demo. Kayak rudders where never meet the steer the boat they were original designed to be used as an adjustable skeg but due to the lack of training and knowledge, people have been using them to steer instead of learning to paddle. You talked about initial stability and it is nice to have but secondary stability I think is more important. Most people can learn how to handle a boat that is a little tipsy but secondary stability being able to put a kayak on edge and feel the point of no return is something that if the boat does not have it you will not learn it and then you will not use the edge. Knowing what edging is and using it is what makes a 16 footer handle like a 14 footer and knowing how to paddle you can make the boat do what you want. My daughter started out in a Current Design Raven good kids boat a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. I was lucky buying my last kayak not only have I paddled with the designer but paddled a demo of it with him as he told me his thoughts while designing it and how to get most out of very lucky. Well thanks again for the time to do these vides

Author — Tom Jones GearGuy