How To Park A Car In A Parking Space For Beginners!

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How To Park A Car In A Parking Space for beginners easiest tutorial! On YouTube

Parking in a parking space for beginners it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it it’s not easy at first but after a while after you keep doing it over and over and parking over and over and over again you’ll get the hang of it so the first step to parking is finding that angle you want to find that angle where you can turn in right and well and good you want to turn start turning the wheel when you get to the cone or to the church when your wheel gets to about the left side if you’re going if you’re turning in the left to the left side of the start of the parking space and then opposite on the other side if that makes sense and then you’re going to start turning nine and you want to aim your hood at the middle of the parking space so angle is everything practice at angle Practice parking it.

OK the next step is practice you want to practice parking consistently because like the old saying goes practice makes perfect but that’s not actually true statement perfect practice makes perfect so you need to be practicing perfectly had a park in this video will show you exactly how to practice and how to park in a parking space for beginners it’s pretty simple pretty easily to do you just got to practice it with cones OK practice it five days a week couple hours with cones and you’ll get the hang of it you just got to find that angle like I said before so find that angle and practice those are pretty much the two tips I can give you I’m going to give you a few other tips at the end of this description I just thank you so much for reading this you description if you read it all I love you and I’m praying for you. If you’re going to do anything feel free to contact me my email is below I’d love to chat with you other than that thank you so much for watching but that’s not it I’m going to bring you to the next step of parking.

The next step to park in a parking space for beginners is turning the wheel OK we will show you exactly how to turn the wheel and how to do that but other than that yeah that’s it that’s pretty much it just practiced guys that’s all I have because I me Aaron I’m not very good at parking so I don’t know how to do this description other than that have a good day and God bless

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”
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How to park in a parking space for beginners

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I feel it’s easier than what people think, I have my license but always had anxiety. Recently I take a very conscious effort to trick myself into wanting to drive and always try to be super calm and focused. After a day or 2 you get use to the car and it becomes easier and easier. If you switch from car to SUV like me it’s tough the first time but that’s for everyone even experience drivers take time to learn their cars. When in doubt just take it slow you might look stupid but it’s better than hitting someone’s car. Back roads always be super focus, I live in a city so I’m always super alert cause I see people run red lights, cross at the worst times everyday. Highway is pretty easy once you get on it and you keep your car position right way. I got my license a while ago but haven’t drove in almost a year and already am being more confident in driving. A lot of these people can drive they just need the confidence and calmness to do so. When you get overly nervous or emotional your frontal lobe shuts down and that’s where all your thought process is. That’s why us new drivers when we get nervous we drive horrible cause we can’t really focus. But after a while it becomes muscle memory and you don’t have to think much about it, BUT don’t let that get to your head. I knew a lot of people who have have accidents or even died locally because they’ve been driving for a long time and took stupid risk. Don’t get over confident!! This from my experience, the hardest part is when your doing the speed limit and you got someone riding your back bumper, if your highway just stay in middle lane or right lane depends on traffic. As a new driver I don’t drive above speed limit even though everyone else is doing like 85 people are just insane over here in the north. I was just on a single lane road today and it’s like 35 through there with a lot of cops who sit around I’ve been told around there, and sure enough some guy is behind me going way above speed limit, he was way behind me and all the sudden he’s on my back bumper, I had to literally pull over cause I got really nervous. Don’t make that same mistake, but if you do have to then pull over let him go by but be careful not to break suddenly so you don’t get rear ended which has been my fear but if your driving good then screw it, it is what it is. Don’t let someone make you nervous that’s my biggest mistake that I have to start to get rid of. Over here I live in a city and we are notorious for are drivers being very hot headed and always the need to speed. Best advice I can give anyone including myself is to be calm. Trust me working yourself up is a waste of energy. Good luck everybody, just drive! Don’t be like me and wait so long just watching videos it helps but just drive especially if you have your license already.

Author — PacSmacks


just wanna say thanks, this helped me pass my drivers test! It’s been a couple of weeks since then but the main things in the test i had were parking, three point turn. stop then goin 20 mph then stop as fast as possible, and honking the horn and turning on the blinkers.

Author — Hash Slinging Slasher


In the beginning when he hit the cone, I laughed until I remembered that the reason im here is because I can't park

Author — McBricks


Omg thank you so much for the video. I have been having so many issues learning how to park and my parents are starting to get really mad😬

Author — Electric Angel


Who has their driving test tomorrow and can’t park for shit? Cause me too

Update: I’ve had my license for 2 years now and I still park crooked 😭

Author — dainty_ sley


Man I've been practicing driving for a few months. Obviously not so good rn haha, but I've been slowly getting a lot better and more comfortable behind the wheel. Been mainly driving in empty parking lots and/or parks and getting into suburban neighborhood driving. But last few times driving I've got so overwhelmed behind the wheel and when I should press the breaks and just stop I panic lmao. Last two times parking I accidentally press gas in angst and I accidentally run over a curb into grass. Both times I've been lucky to not have ran into a pole or tree or car, I truly thank God. My driving has been well but I really gotta fix my parking It looks so easy but behind the wheel I get so overwhelmed lol

Author — R3LTEKS


Just want to say my opinion of the video went through the roof when you read the scripture verse. It was so uplifting. I'm here trying to help my son master parking by getting another instructor's input hoping the same message with different explanations make it through. Nice work. 👍

Author — Marjie Young


one time i was driving with my dad and he told me to park, instead of hitting my breaks gently i hit the accelerator 💀💀

Author — Victoria Nino


Thank you so much for this video and the scripture is encouraging as well. I'm taking my driving exam this Saturday, nervous but, your tutorial is helpful 🙂 👌 thanks again

Author — T #DeterminedB


Currently sitting in my car at Walmart crying because I can't park 🙃

Author — josie ruiz


Continue to be a blessing to everyone! New subbie here! I learned a lot and I'm blessed by your message in the end. More power to you! God bless you.

Author — Summer


Amazing and keep God first place always! My instructor taught me just the same way. I’m a visual learner so even if the cone is not there I can imagine it since I already saw it.

Author — Lovely Ley


Literally I’m 17 and I’m trying to get my license when I’m 18 and this is my only problem (aside from severe anxiety)

Author — Abigale


Talk to any valet: Pull in behind the car or space next to your intended space (the one past the target space) back up with wheels cut the other way, pull in dead straight. With tight spaces, it’s the only and safest way.

Author — Propelled


Damn I am taking the driving test tomorrow and I practiced today the 3 point turn and I can drive well it’s just going into the parking spot between 2 cars/cones in general. I always park far so I can take my time and I’ll walk more if I need from my parking spot to the store because I am not risking getting into any accident

Author — Cool16


My dad has been giving me driving lessons but I find parking difficult. My problem is that I’m going too fast. Before I even approach the parking space I let go of the gas pedal. And when I’m actually getting into the lot even though I’m stepping on the brake on and off, I’m still going too fast. I wouldn’t know what else to do. And I see it frustrates my dad. Who else has this?

Author — Blackwood


loved thisss, my parking has gotten a little better left is definitely easier than right. and thanks so much for the scripture!! i’ll definitely remember that but my test is in a few hours omggg. keep my in y’all’s prayers, wish me luck i need all the positive vibes 💓😭

Author — i t s n a d i a


On my road test, they made me learn how to parallel park only not how to normally park... So now I know how to parallel park better than I do parking normally and we never parallel park where I live.

Author — Mohsin Khan


Your video is so helpful as I am starting to learn how to drive and park. And You did share The Word of God. More heavenly blessings to you.

Author — Hana Worku


My driving instructor would just say line your mirror to the other car mirror and that how you know your gonna park straight I pass and got my license lol

Author — Aegmato