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Albatross Rodeo is a European band based out of Luxembourg. Known for their self-made instruments, the heavy hitting dark rock sound is not what one would expect from a cigar box guitar (CBG) band. Albatross Rodeo is a musical band, management and production force rolled into one. However, like many folks around the world, the self-financed band was hit hard due to the global health crisis and social restrictions this past year. Despite these challenges the band successfully created musical and visual magic albeit at a snail’s pace. Forged in 2015, Albatross Rodeo’s lineup changed several times. In the summer of 2020, through social media, a search for a new lead vocalist/lyricist began. Bloody (CBGs), Xaf (CBG Bass), and Steph (percussion) sifted through the audition tracks and by the fall, welcomed Jacey Dragon to the “Rodeo”.
The new song and video, The Devil Doesn’t Watch TV are a testament to these pandemic times and the world’s increased reliance upon technology and internet to get things done. Each band member recorded their respective parts of the song and video in their own home studios. Post-production took place at the Albatross Rodeo production facility. To this day, the band has yet to be in the same room!
From the Band: A Shout out to all our supporters (our partners, friends, new acquaintances and companies). Without your help, our elaborate projects and productions would never come to fruition. Thank you all for the gift of your time and skills. We are truly blessed.
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Es ist so gut geworden und eure neue Sängerin ist auch der hammer, lange nicht mehr so über ein musikvideo gefreut, ich wünsche der ganzen band alles gute für die Zukunft 🖤🤘

Author — Scofira


Oli, ist Dir super gelungen!! Wer braucht schon big budget, wenn er gute Ideen hat!

Author — Ralli Rock


geil, darf man das hier schreiben, ach, Wenns neue Band Merch t-shirts gibt bitte unbedingt melden!!!

Author — Uli - One Man Pottery