Jim Acosta responds after heated exchange with Trump

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Jim Acosta responds after heated exchange with Trump 2.5
CNN's Jim Acosta responded to an exchange with President Trump during a press conference, in which Trump called reporters "the enemy of the people."

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PAY ATTENTION: "The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it" G.Orwell

Author — andrea gomes


CNN is a Propoganda ministry that spews non stop lies about America and the American people.

Author — Goblinator


Acosta is silly, defiant, confrontational, combative and silly!

Author — Emili Scanty


CNN is so butt-hurt since they lost the election.

Author — Rick Halverson


Twumpy vewy Grumpy! Doesn't seem to be too happy for a winner? Tic Toc...

Author — Darrell Phillips


CNN 🤦‍♀️ pls just shut your bratty mouth FOR ONCE it’s not much to ask but you guys can never do it...

Author — Jello Turkey


Gregory Pruden likes flamers that remind him of Trump! Lmao!

Author — Randall Bryant


Jim Acosta is not a journalist, he is a opinionated activist. He has a closed minded opinion.

He is not a journalist trying to get a story. He is a activist who wants to be part of the story.

He doesn’t deserve a White House press pass. The corrupt news network needs to send a real journalist in his place.

Author — Steve C


CNN is a terrible television news, too much fake news

Author — Storm 101


Lol the girl trying to take the mike had me dead😂😂

Author — Joshua Halley


FLASHBACK: Obama Kicks Out Reporter At Press Briefing Was Not Criticised As Trump


Author — Stewart Stewart


That black woman needed to sit her ads down. I say that as another black woman. How dare y'all disrespect The President of the United States.
He didn't lose nothing.The liberals lost .

Author — T. T.


The MAJORITY of Americans and I have your back, Jim Acosta! Thank you and keep up the great work, Jim! God bless you!

Author — Olivia


You've done a wonderful job standing up against that petulant man-child, Jim. That's what it is to stand your ground and not get pushed around 👍

Author — Wolfe 123


Jim Acosta isn't a reporter he's an activist!

Author — Chris Keller


I love how Jim Acosta gets under Trump's paper thin skin more than anyone else. Trump wants to be able to do and say whatever he wants and not be held accountable for it.

Author — IT'S ME FROM 713


We have the right to question our leader; however, you don't even give a chance for our leaders to answer the question. Yea, I know time is tight but you ask one question after another with only a one-line or half a line answer from the president without letting him finish the first question. I like to start bombarding you with questions and after a half line answer, move to another question. Who do you think you are a G-man grilling a criminal!!! I like to see Acosta get bombarded with questions and see if he can fit one-liners within 45 seconds... Let the President answer the question!!! Geeezzz!!! On top of that, you are trying to put words into the President's mouth. What are you trying to do JIM, START WORLD WAR 3...!!!

I am so sick of CNN right now that I don't hear any news about our economy, trade, and what is affecting trade. I don't even hear about strange new products on the market that may prove to be useful. I had to move over to NHK Newline just to find out the state of the global economy... It makes no mention that the US is selling F-15 Eagles to Taiwan or other countries. What about our F-22's. So overprice the DEMOCRATS jack up our taxes just to pay for the F-22. Yet, we keep voting them in. I like to jack up your taxes and make you pick up my bill instead. With the sale of our F-22 overseas, WHERE IS THE RETURN ON INVESTMENT FOR US TAXPAYERS...!!!!

You may all want to start checking out other news agencies besides CNN at this point. It doesn't matter what you pick, as long as it's not CNN.

Author — Brenten Smith


Acost'ya is an arrogant, rude, disrespectful, grandstanding political activist. He is dust in the wind. A nobody. CNN's poster boys are Acost-ya + Avanatti = 🤣🤣🤣 dirtbag match made in hell. CNN is a disgrace to journalism and the news industry. I hope the powers that be bring CNN up on charges for such a frivolous lawsuit.

Author — ST7A Bad Karma


Refreshing to see the press ask real questions. Trump is scared and mentally unable or incapable of having a discussion or answering questions diligently. Trumps is a real disgrace to the office of President. Well done Accosta for standing up to this clown and good on the other reporter for defending Jim Accosta as a diligent reporter. Bring on the Impeachments. Wouldn't be surprised if Trump tries to ban Accosta from future press briefings and defy the constitution.

Author — Elfin4


I wonder if Jim sees his question differently regarding the invasion. Did you see the news today. Just ask Tijuana’s people. They are not happy. CNN has lost my respect

Author — 1silver Ounce