The Brexit Party clashes with pro-EU MEPs in European Parliament

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The Brexit Party clashes with pro-EU MEPs in European Parliament 4.5
A VOTE on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal has not taken place after Commons Speaker John Bercow refused to allow one.

All eyes will now turn to No10's plan B, when the PM brings back the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to the House of Commons today...

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I am honestly ashamed of how our political system works

Author — Archangel07


I'm an ex labour voter who will never vote labour again

Author — Access All Theme Parks & Experiences


This feels more like some kind of student senate than an actual governing body.

Author — Michael Christensen


had I known the level of debate in the EP was on a par with a sixth form debating class I would have run for a MEP ticket myself.

Author — dog paw


Corruption Corruption Corruption. Enough of this. Brexit Party for me. Ive been a Labour voter my whole life, NEVER again.

Author — Jamie Weston


The labour party members look like our communist puppets in late 80's. :)

Author — Pavel Cerny


another proof there are yentas all over the globe...and some of these in particular are trying to tell UK what to bizarre

Author — jules kinkead


2017 election:

The people thought the current parliament would accept the referendum and deliver brexit

2019 October:

We see our parliament not representing the constituents of our people.

Author —


No Treaty, No EU, No Labour in UK, We the people spoke aready, No Deal 31st oct 2019

Author — Hazel Stewart


"People of color", what a condescending phrase.

Author — George Smiley


lol. what a joke the whole parliament is

Author — LN Noxley


What's new. The people have alway's been shagged & they pay for it with taxation

Author — Ya Ya mon


I can't get used to how frivolous these meetings are

Author — Layla Layla


Ann Widdecome for PM please after the necessary general election and Farage to be Speaker of the House.



To say labour voters voted remain is just a lie. This parliament is a waste of time and money.

Author — Isabel Page


I've heard better debates in the Rose and Crown between two drunks on a Friday night.

Author — Richard Fenton


Is Britain a sovereign country or not? It seems that some in the EU think it is not.

Author — Michael Christensen


good content until 3.40 when the ugly toad pops up again. Time to quit !

Author — w


Deport ilegals stop paying to imigrants . Then watch england fly high

Author — Ian Whiteley


ms harris i agree with you but you and your fellow meps need to work on the eu they are fulll of shouting for democracy let them prove it throw us out of the eu

Author — Peter JOHNSON