1. Roman Britain - The Work of Giants Crumbled

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1. Roman Britain - The Work of Giants Crumbled 5

A vast ruined bath house, a fire-damaged poem and a world teetering on the brink of collapse.

In this episode, we look at the collapse of Roman Britain. Find out how a great civilization grew up almost overnight on the island of Britannia, how it endured the test of centuries against barbarian invasions and foolish rulers, and what happened after its final dramatic collapse.

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Voice Actors:

Shem Jacobs
Jacob Rollinson
Jake Barrett-Mills
Old English read by Dr. Rebecca Pinner

Title theme: Home At Last by John Bartmann is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License.

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Extraordinary sceries in a time when the History channel would prefer to cater to alien conspiracies and monster hunts.

Author — Adam Russell


This series just proves that talent and passion is far more effective than having a huge budget or a professional production team

This is way better than anything I've seen on Netflix

Author — Lachlan McLennan


I listen to these at bed time as I drift off. I actually enjoy going to bed thanks to this.

Author — Russian Troll


So we Welsh people have a kind-of 2nd National Anthem - Y'ma O Hyd - 'Still Here'. It basically talks about outlasting all the Invaders, including the Romans and the English. The opening line :

You don't remember Macsen, ( Magnus Maximus )
Dwyt ti'm yn cofio Macsen,

Nobody knows it;
Does neb yn ei nabod o;

A thousand and six hundred years
Mae mil a chwe chant o flynyddoedd

Too long for memory;
Yn amser rhy hir i'r cof;

When Magnus Maximus left Wales
Pan aeth Magnus Maximus o Gymru

In the year three-hundred-eight-three,
Yn y flwyddyn tri-chant-wyth-tri,

And leaving is a whole nation
A'n gadael yn genedl gyfan

And today: behold!
A heddiw: wele ni!
We're still here,
Ry'n ni yma o hyd,

Despite everyone and everything,
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth,

Author — Dex Stewart


*Seeing an elephant paraded by the enemy after losing a battle... I get that as my wife invites the mother-in-law over every time she wins an argument.* 🤣

Author — Joe Blow


"Despite their colorful pantheon of gods, the real religion of the romans was the religion of urbanism"
I feel like i learned a lot from that sentence

Author — sam


619 dislikes, so THAT is how many History Channel employees there are . . . . .

Author — J Ander


Too many people live today in the illusion of permanence.

Author — Tom Bradley


History is vast, complex and comprises a billion unknown personal stories lost in time.

Author — Austin Duffield


"Trade across the empire had broken down, impoverishing its people, while at the same time Rome's wealthy were now an ultra-rich elite, far richer than they had ever been in history.

Meanwhile, the Empire's enemies grew stronger and more organized, learning how to play to Rome's weaknesses, learning how to win."

Author — Marco Gallo


Ciao from Rome. Really interesting, I was quite ignorant about the history of Roman civilization in Britain. You have perfect rhythm and the ability to create context.

Author — guidofoc


Nah, everyone knows that it was Asterix and his village that brought the Romans down

Author — Franky Lee


This Production: Brilliant
History Channel Adaption: There is no evidence that Albinus was NOT an alien.

Author — David Quintana


I just graduated this year with my history degree, and this series is saving me from the boredom and stress of retail life under covid😅😅 thanks for the in-depth and well-researched videos!!

Author — The Lion Girl Contortion


The Easter Island one was so amazing that I had to restart and check out the whole series. You folks are doing an excellent job with these. They represent a lot of work and they are just incredible.

Author — Towed Array


"Fall of civilizations"is a decent and interesting series, that appears to have been carefully researched; it is also well constructed and pleasantly I've always thought that nothing could be more fascinating and important than learning and understanding basically the ongoing process of the rise and fall of civilizations preceding

Author — Dominique Roydor


The sentiment in the poem is a common one to any thoughtful Englishman living in the postindustrial wreckage of Northern England.

Author — Bob Bobson


35:45, Rome was ruled by strongmen, trade broke down, the rich became ultra rich, and its enemies grew stronger. Huh.

Author — DurianIsLord


11:45 Brittunculi is my new favorite word.

Author — John Schwartz


"They (Caledonians) are very fond of plundering." No great changes in 2000 years.

Author — Alec Benson